Tuesday, August 20, 2013

David Lichty & Jimmy Miller Previews

I think I've said before that I usually don't do new bloggers, but today I'm making my second exception. David Lichty is exceptional in his own right, because he has self-published his own novel: "Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful". This is really more difficult than people say, because self-publishers don't have to just be great writers and editors, but they have to market their work as well. It's a tough job. I like David and I'm hoping I can help him a little bit today with this post! You can view his website here: http://bcdavid-jimmymiller.blogspot.ca/

David's blog is really quite remarkable. When I first visited his blog there were but a few posts and now it's filled with wonderful posts! Despite the forecast of "Acid Rain" on his blog David is a very optimistic person. I get a kick out of reading David's posts. He has a wonderful sense of humour! I feel like I can stuff my sense of humour into 140 words on Twitter, but when it comes to my blog it gets lost. So kudos to you David for bringing your sense of humour to your blog!

If you like fantasy/horror and want to know some good kindle and print books out there then go to David's blog. He does reviews of books like "For Those with Eyes to See." by Troy Blackford and Steven Kings "Mile 81". I think it's great that someone does reviews on especially the kindle version of books. While I'm like David and prefer print versions I think kindle is great when it allows people who wouldn't normally pick a book (or someone who doesn't want to carry around so many books) to read more.

My absolute favorite, favorite part of David's blog is the rants. He rants on anything from Disney Princesses to Doggy Poo. He states on his blog"We only expect perfection from you girls! You don't want life long feelings of inadequacy, do you?" Even better was his post about cleaning up after Clifford the Big Red dog. It stunk (but was funny). His tongue-in-cheek will keep you laughing.

David isn't by any means limited to the subjects above on his blog. He also talks a lot about his home life and  the activities he participates in. Though I do not agree with his taste in coffee (I'm a cream girl) I thought I'd share his thoughts here: "I am not a fan of coffee drinks or flavored coffee -- I just like coffee-flavored coffee. Black, fresh, & strong enough to keep the coffee tasting like hot water, and yet not so strong that I can't taste the subtle undertones of my cup of Joe." I don't know what it is, but some of his descriptions remind me of Douglas Adam's work. That's a good thing too!

David's blog needs more follower love! Please, please, please visit him and follow his blog. You can follow David on google + here David's Twitter and Facebook  He hasn't been using Social Media for long, so please help him get more acquainted with everything. You know how it was when you first started out, giving all these great posts and updates and few people to see your own genius. Follow David's genius and you won't be sorry!


  1. Wow! Douglas Adams comparison. Thanks for the review. I don't hate Clifford and I rarely write profanity (speak, yes; write, no); I just couldn't say what I was thinking in front of preschoolers. Really, I don't hate Clifford. Or The Magic School Bus.

  2. Don't worry about it David! You should hear what I say about even my favorite TV shows/books. If there is a part I hate or has plot holes I will make it known. It doesn't matter if it's my favorite book/show ever. I loved those posts. I wouldn't change a thing (or think that you hated either)!

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  4. I always enjoy a good rant. I'm off to check out David's blog and possibly stalk him on Twitter, Fb, etc.