Sunday, November 25, 2012

Update - Ann Marie Meyers

I completely forgot to give a link to Ann Marie's blog, though I remembered the Twitter and Facebook links. Here it is:   Please check it out!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ann Marie Meyers

Ann Marie Meyers is fairly new to the blogging world and is definitely someone to follow. Her website is: Ann Marie is already off to a good start by having an interesting and inspirational writing style.  Her interview of Lehua Parker is really neat as is Amie Borst's interview of Ann on her blog:

Ann Marie's book sounds just delicious. It's about a little girl who always wanted to fly, and gets her wish. I have a mushy part of my heart that loves a good flying story. Yes, there are tons of stories out there about kids flying, but this one beats out many of them with an excellent writer and a lot of heart. Just by reading the synopsis I can tell that this book deals with a lot more than many other books in this genre, and (presumably) has a lot more depth. I wont tell you any more about it here. Go to Ann's blog, read the synopsis and anxiously await the release of her book in July of  2013.

One thing not to go unmentioned about Ann Marie is her Facebook page:  On this page she will keep you updated on any blog post that she has written. She also gives many links to other authors/information that's worth learning about. She also has many interesting posts here on various other things (too many to list). Ann's twitter is also very active, and I love how polite she is to other twitter users!

Please check out Ann Marie! And Ann, if you are listening, please keep up blogging! I'm sure your blog will be off and running soon which will bring you tons of new readers. Good luck!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shannon Hitchcock

Often I'll just write about a person's blog on my site, but Shannon Hitchcock's case I had to make an exception. There was too much information on her actual website that needs to be pointed out. The website and blog both focus on Shannon's book "The Ballad of Jessie Pearl," isn't just set in the past, it's based on her own history. To see them go to  and Http:// 

Shannon's webpage has all the things you expect from an author's webpage. There's a bio page, links to her blog and information about her book. What I like about her webpage and blog is that she has information and resources in these that many authors don't have.

Shannon's book trailer is a nice introduction to the book. The music in the trailer is nice for setting the mood. The illustration on the actual book cover is lovely and gives it a nice feel. The trailer is only a small part of what's neat about Shannon's website. I think my favourite thing is the teacher's resources. One can tell that Debbie Gonzales put a lot of time and effort into putting this guide together. There are a lot of resources, discussion questions and information packed into this study guide.

On Shannon's blog she has a lot of information about the process of book creation. Even though I've heard several accounts on how a book is made I found that Shannon's is more detailed than I usually see, but also the information she gives is interesting and well written. She also gives her own insight to what she's learned in the process of making the book. I loved reading about the inspiration of her book (her kid's school project of all things!) and the post "People Who Have Helped Me" was very heart warming. I think if I had to pick on thing that I like most about Shannon's blog is her reviews on books. These reviews always leave me with lots to think about long after I stop reading. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Haiku Hello


Hi, hello, good day!
It's good to see you again.
Let's not be strangers.

I am working on getting more time to work on my artwork. My time is limited at best, so I'm trying to make the most of it. I really could be posting more, but it's difficult getting back into a routine after stopping!  In any case I will be posting more often now. I will likely be changing things up, especially to make up for the lack of artwork I'll be able to show. I'm not sure of most things, but I do know that my Art Technique Website day will likely be changing to My Favourite Children's Book day.