Privacy Policy

Your name, website and email may be collected for use in the following ways:

1. Intended Use of Personal Data:

In order to read and comment on this blog you do not have to log in. Users are allowed to comment anonymously.

2. Information We Collect:  The email data data on this blog is used to deliver emails to those who register to receive emails. By signing up for emails you agree that you want to have emails sent to you from posts (and only posts) from this blog. Information to sign up to this blog emails is just your email.

If you comment on this blog to register for Smart Dummies you should give an identifying name, but this does not need to be your real name if privacy is a concern. Please use the contact feature if you wish to sign up for Smart Dummies but do not wish to use your real name.

Controller: Dani Duck Artist Obscure processes personal data as both a Processor and Controller except in the cases of the information Google collects as outlined in their privacy policy. Blogger/Dani Duck Artist Obscure uses Google Analytics and cookies to improve

If you comment on a prize post (any post that has a prize) you comment knowing that you could be contacted via email for said prize. You will be asked to send a mailing address to receive said prize. I will not give your physical address to the prize giver without your permission.

If you sign up for Smart Dummies know that you may be contacted for things related to Smart Dummies (these would be rare and you would not be put on any kind of list for this). These would include any time implied (and most likely) express consent is given (i.e. Critique group sign-ups.)

The data collected will only be used to deliver blog emails, deliver prizes from events and given to people to send prizes. You will not be entered to win any prizes by signing up to the email list.

There may be a call for donations to support Smart Dummies. The information collected for this is through each private company.

- I and all controllers of this blog will not sell your data to another company.

To Remove or Change Data: 

All emails will have an unsubscribe button on the bottom to unsubscribe to emails. I believe it may take a few days to unsubscribe. Please send me a message through my contact form if you are having trouble unsubscribing! If you need to otherwise remove or see the data that is stored on this website please feel free to contact me. You have the right to access your information, delete information and correct it.

This blog is hosted by Google Blogger and distributed through Feedburner (a Google property). Google does collect data through cookies. Please read their privacy policy here: to see how they use the data they collect. All data collected by this site will be stored by Google through Feedburner.

Transference of Data: 
It is possible that this blog may move to another web address and hosting. If so the information on feedburner will likely be moved from one blog to another. Every effort will be made to retain distribution of your emails through Google Feedburner. If Dani Duck: Artist Obscure moves to another web address users will be notified via email and the privacy policy will be updated.

This policy was created to be compliant with the GDPR.

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