Friday, December 1, 2017

The Right Tools

I was getting my haircut the other day and my hairdresser (Diane) and I got into a discussion about the tools we use.  I was fascinated by her insight on this, because what we do is so different. Fundamentally hairdressing and art is the same in many ways. You need to have better tools for better results.

These are a few of my favorite brushes!
I generally just use the tallest one (angled)
and the big round brush on the left.
Buying Higher Quality Tools Can Cost Less Overall. This seems counter intuitive. How can I possibly justify spending $100 over $25 on the exact same colors of watercolor paint and paper? The paint tubes may have less in them, and the paper may be the exact same size, but they are not the same! Quality matters over quantity.

1. The Frustration Factor

In my conversation with Diane, I said it might be okay to buy cheaper supplies when starting out. Diane corrected me right there. She said that it doesn't make sense to start out with cheap supplies because if you become frustrated with the limitations of the tools then you won't continue creating art. I know that this is 100% true.

I had some older acrylics that I was attempting to paint with, but unfortunately I was just becoming frustrated with them because they were old and the binder had separated from the colors. I could not get the paints to move across the canvas like I knew they should. It wasn't until I bought new paints that I felt like I could paint. With the frustration gone I was able to create work faster and better.

2. Better Paints Paint Better
One of my paintings that I had trouble with. The darker colors just wouldn't stay on the paper. 

When I first started using Daniel Smith watercolors I just bought one tube of red paint. I didn't have the money to be messing around. What I found was not only did the color flow across the page better, but I was using less of it to cover the page. Since I'm using less paint I'm actually paying less to paint!

3. Substrate is Everything

Okay you get these fancy colors, but you are actually wasting money if you are putting them on cheap paper. I bought a brand that I thought was going to give me good results. I think there was a problem with the sizing on the paper, and this could have been a factory problem, so I'm not going to name the particular brand I used. The problem was the paper got to the point where the paint wasn't soaking into the paper anymore. I wasn't able to add any more color to certain areas! The company I bought it from was able to replace the paper (I paid for the upgrade), but this doesn't make up for the amount of work that went into paintings that aren't usable anymore!

4. Acid Free Isn't Archival

One thing that you might not think about when you're illustrating is how long is your work going to last. You may just want to make work that you create and you don't care what happens after that. If you are buying acid free, know that that it is likely a limited time deal. I've made the decision to use archival for most of my illustrations now because I want them to last a long time after I'm gone. Also the paper I'm going to use most often, because it works so well (Arches), is archival.
My favorite pens!

5. Time is Money

One thing that you need to remember is your time matters. When you are creating something to sell this is so important to consider. Say you paid $10 for your supplies, so selling your work at $20 may seem like a fair price. Well, what if that item took you five hours to create? You are making $2 an hour when you sell your item. I don't know about you, but my time is worth more than $2. Working retail at $7-12 an hour seems like a better deal to me. If your supplies cause you to spend 2-3 times the amount of time on a project than you should spend, then those cheap supplies could be costing you money!


I'm hoping this is something you will consider when buying art supplies! Buying more expensive supplies may just not work for you and that's okay. This is something I want people to consider because it will end up saving you money in the end.

I will make a post about where you can cut on expenses. There is so much in this post already I feel like I've got a lot in this one post. Please ask me questions and remember to enjoy making your art!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Smart Instagram Madness Dummies

If you missed it in the Smart Dummies group: I started an Instagram page for Smart Dummies! The name is @smart_dummies_challenge. If you are already connected through my personal page @dani_duck_art you can get to it there or go to:

I will be taking images from people who are following me on Instagram/have participated in the Smart Dummies Challenge. Use the tag #smartdummieschallenge so I can find you! To get it started I'm looking at all my followers/following to get things started, but hope to switch to the hastag later!  You do not have to be an artist to be featured. You will be tagged so people can find you.  

The main purpose of this is to spread awareness for Smart Dummies. I'm also hoping it can also be used as a way to share tips and techniques. More people are going to look at this than my personal profile because people can submit and get their artwork shared. 

I'm going to try to be very picky for art so everyone gets their best work out there. It has been a bit more than 24 hours and I've gotten 24 followers so far!  Maybe it's not a ton but It happened in a day, so not too bad! I hope we can grow the Smart Dummies event together. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2018 For All it's Worth!

I know it's early to think about 2018 now, but really it's never to early to plan especially when it has to do with spending! I'm assuming you have a limited budget for what you can do in 2018 so consider these options carefully. Prices are subject to change and are in USD. Normally I wouldn't post prices, but these are to give you a chance to budget for 2018.

Mira Reisberg and the Children's Book Academy offers lots of different options for courses! It doesn't matter if you are a writer or illustrator there is a course here for you. Courses start at under $100! The bigger courses cost a bit more, but offer tons of extras to help you get published. Have you heard of the Chapter Book Alchemist course? It starts at under $250 and offers everything you need to get started writing chapter books. Also the Middle Grade Mastery (which also includes chapter books) course starts soon, so be sure to check that out! 

Mark G. Mitchell offers Group Guest Critiques! Every month you can get your illustration work critiqued by a professional and learn from their experience. Mark has a new person every month and it includes people like Giuseppe Castellano, Nichole Tugeau, and Mira Reisberg (where have I heard this name before? 😊)  These courses are under $30 each, but if you subscribe for the whole year, they are only about $9 a class!

Julie Hedlund offers the 12 x 12 Challenge every year. The challenge is to write 12 picture books in 12 months. This is open to both illustrators and writers. There are webinars and lots of interaction from the community. It's $167 to join. I've been a part of this community for 4 years and couldn't do without it. Want a free pass to get your work past the slush pile and into the hands of real agents and editors? Join the Gold for a bit more and get the opportunity to submit your work to some great professionals! Registration for new members starts in January. Julie also offers some great courses under "Shop" so you can check those out while you wait.

The Picture Book Summit happens every year in October. Miss it this year? Go to the website and sign up for updates: This conference was founded by Katie Davis, Julie Hedlund,  Laura Backes, Emma Walton Hamilton and Jon Bard. It's like a regular writing conference but with a few differences. 1. You do not have to pay for airfare. 2. You do not have to pay for a hotel. 3. You don't have to get dressed in the morning to attend. Otherwise it's just like a full scale writing conference. Last year they had Tomie Depaola, Carole Boston Weatherford and Adam Rex! This for the same price you would pay for a small writer's conference! Sign up now to receive updates for the course and other goodies!

Write On Con This started as a free online conference. It's a bit more than free, but still a wonderful event. Will Taylor, Kat Zhang and Clarissa Wong are a few of the kidlit people at this conference. It's a bit like the event above, but I find that it's not quite as cohesive. Sometimes it's just text on Facebook pages and many of the events are scheduled too close together. It's worth the money, but I'd pay a lot more if all the events were in one place. There is still great information here, and for $5 you can attend the live sessions which is not bad. The link is to the fundraiser page where there are a bunch of options for you to view!

These are just some ideas for you to look forward to next year. I wish I could post more, but it's just so many great things out there. I think I'll do a post later for a lot of challenges in 2018. 

Where are you going to invest your money this year? Anything that I haven't mentioned? Which Courses/Events above have you joined?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Today in the Life of Me

Today I'm scanning in a bunch of images. I've recently started an Instagram account -- or rather I've finally started posting to my Instagram account. You can visit it here: I have a giveaway there. Just need to look for the penguin and seal photo. This is the direct link to the givaway, but it seems to not be working for some people:

I recently did a ton of images for VCON. It's a Fantasy/Sci Fi convention.  Has wonderful information for writers as well as tons of cool things for fans. I highly recommend it for anyone in the Surrey, BC area.

Okay, back to the images. I was working on a ton of them for VCON. My goal was 30, but I knew I wasn't going to make it there. I did really well with all my drawings. I think I had maybe 25 of all different sizes. I only had so much time so that number came down to 20 and then 18.

I hit a huge snag. The watercolor paper I bought wasn't up to snuff, so many of the images ended up ruined. I was very upset. I kept going and worked on some of the lighter images (it was the dark images that were creating a fuss. In the end I only ended up with 12 new images to show and only 5 of them for the 11x14 frames I created. It was nice to display at the show, but sad that most of my images didn't make the trip.

Now: I've scanned all of the images. I had to also reformat them to make sure I can display the images on Instagram correctly. They will all be for sale soon!

I'm not sure how many of my new images will go into my portfolio. I like them all, but mostly just have one character in them all (which really doesn't show off my skills. I will either pick a couple from the series, or put them all in one picture in my portfolio (because series are always good). It's not about the art being good or bad, but the fact that I want more images with people interacting with one another.

I also have a ton of images that I didn't finish for the show that I want to finish. I will be getting the paper for these soon and working on painting them. It is awful that I wasn't able to finish some of my best images, but it's good that I have everything drawn up. That way I can quickly transfer the image onto the paper (I generally use my light table) and go from there. I have a lot of other things I want to share with you guys, but I have said too much for now!

How has your art been going? Have you had any problems in creating your artwork lately? 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Smart Dummies Needs You and a Winner's Badge

Hi Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed Smart Dummies this year! If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this event please contact me!

I could use some help with Smart Dummies next year. I particularly need someone who can help me with emails. If you are able to do this please let me know! I want to be able to keep giving you a great event to come back to next year, but I can't do it on my own.

I realize now that I didn't get the winner's badge up yet. Well here it is! Please make sure you link it to my blog:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mira's Course Winners!

Here are the winner's for Mira's Courses! Thank you all for participating in Smart Dummies this year. 

Mira Reisberg - A free Photoshop course and a separate prize of a Hero's Art Journey course

1. Photoshop: C.L. Murphy

2. Hero's Art Journey: Heidi Yates

Monday, October 23, 2017

More Big Wins!

So sorry it's taken so long to get these up! Been strapped for time lately.  

1. Emmeline Forestal - Portfolio Review

Julia Maisen

2. Mark Mitchell -  1 Year Subscription to Guest Group Critiques

Suzanne Davis

Tune back in tomorrow to see who won Mira's prizes!