Thursday, August 25, 2016

Computer Life & Updates

I am not sure what is more stressful: Having a computer die or getting a new computer. There is so much to do when getting a new computer. It was tough making the right selection especially since most places don't allow for computer customization. In the end I decided on a gaming computer (even though I don't use my computer for many games) that would allow me to upgrade in the future. Now I'm spending hours installing all of my old programs.

Most of my work and photos were backed up, but it still hurts to lose what I've lost. Remember to back up all of your work, pictures and anything worth saving. My laptop died with little warning.

Despite all the problems I've had with my computer things are going pretty well! Smart Dummies will be in October as planned. I just have 1-2 more people to create posts. Lots more info to come on this next month.

Kids are doing well. Both crazy. David is starting kindergarten on September 6th! Michael has been cruising for about a month now and is threatening to walk soon. So much for getting any rest while David is in school!

Hope everyone is well and will post again soon!