Friday, August 30, 2013

Fractured Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Part 2

So I lied. I thought that I would be able to wrap up the Little Mermaid story this week, but two pages in I discovered that it just wasn't going to happen. Never fear though I do have more of the story, just not an ending yet! From now on I'll know better than to tell people how many parts my story is before I have finished said story.

Stop! If you missed part one go here first:

The Little Mermaid: Part 2

Excerpt from last week: Lydia looked him up and down. He was strong, handsome and had a beautiful smile. This had to be the man she was going to fall in love with! The man gave Lydia his shirt and then carried her to his home.

A man in a suit was waiting for them when they arrived. “Not another one, Herman!”

Herman, as she now knew his name, frowned at his butler. “But she was lost and alone, weren't you.” Lydia opened up her mouth to talk, but nothing came out. “See? She's just like the others. A mute woman who lost her bikini bottom at sea! She needs our help Giles!”

Giles sighed, “Very well sir.”

Herman carried Lydia up the stairs led by Giles. They entered a large room. Giles turned to Lydia and said, “In the wardrobe you'll find any clothes your heart desires. There seems to be an over abundance of half naked women on our beach. We've collected hundreds of dresses over the years. These women seem to disappear as quickly as they come - leaving behind every bit of clothing we buy for them. We'll leave you now to get changed.”

Through the closed door Lydia could hear Herman and Giles talking as they walked away. “She's the one, Giles, the woman I'm going to marry!”

“You say that every time, Herman.”

“But this time I mean it!”

“Very well, sir.”

Lydia was excited. Maybe she had at last found the love of her life. Lydia wasn't sure what a wardrobe or a dress was, but she didn't hesitate to explore the room. There were many large holes in the wall where Lydia could look outside. She tried a couple of times to go outside through them, but there was an invisible walk holding her back. There was a large bed in the middle of the room, not completely unlike her bed at home. Lydia got into it and found that it was soft and moved like soft waves. She suspected there was water inside and made a note to find a way to get into the water.

Along the wall farthest from the entrance was a huge wooden contraption. Lydia ran her fingers across it and found that she could easily open the contraption. She was not prepared for what she found inside. There were glorious things hung within sparkling with every colour imaginable. Lydia ran her fingers over these items and found that they were soft and luxurious. She pulled down as many as she could and decided that these were the “dresses” in the “wardrobe” that Giles told her about. “Oh what lovely things these are!” Thought Lydia, “In the sea we only have shells for covering. I don't know how I lived before today!” Lydia set forth trying on everything in the wardrobes. Some of it had tricky fastenings, but she soon figured out how to properly wear a dress. In the end Lydia had tried on every dress until she settled on one in a nice emerald green. There were a few things in this wardrobe that Lydia couldn't figure out so she figured these were best left. She then left the room in search of her future husband.

No sooner had she left the room but Giles caught her arm. “I see that you have finally finished trying on gowns. Now let us eat.” Giles lead her into a grand room with a large table. It reminded Lydia of the feasts her father would prepare. She took her seat and was shocked to find things exactly as they had been at home. The food, plates and even the silverware was so familiar that Lydia couldn't help but be a bit disappointed.

Giles looked towards Lydia. "I forgot to ask your name”

Lydia opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. She pointed at her throat indicating she couldn't talk.

“I see you have lost your voice.” Giles turned to Herman, “These women you find never have voices, do they?”

Herman looked slightly perturbed, “Many of them did have voices. Some were blind, some deaf, one woman couldn't taste any of the food. Remember her, Giles? She was always complaining about the food!” Herman let out a deep and bellowing laugh. “Good times my friend, good times!”

Giles sighed, “It seems as though the lady didn't find any shoes to her liking.”

Herman was abashed. “We had nothing to your liking my dear? Well I will take you to the market tomorrow!”

“They call them malls now, sir. You have a meeting in the morning so it seems as though I will be taking her.” Giles sighed even louder than the last time.

“Cheer up old friend, for soon I will be married.”

Lydia smiled and clapped her hands. Everything was going perfectly. Giles left them after dinner and Lydia and Herman exited to what he called the “courtyard”. This courtyard seemed very much to be a large garden with many walkways. Herman lead Lydia to a bench and sang a lovely song to her. He then plucked the most beautiful flower Lydia had ever seen from the garden and gave it to Lydia. He then bent into kiss her. The weight of the two of them together seemed to be too much, because instead of a kiss, Lydia found herself on the ground with Herman on top of her. He lingered but a second, and then arose to his feet. He helped Lydia up to her feet.

“Never mind this minor tragedy, for tomorrow you will go to the market and have all your flaws removed! Herman smiled brightly and escorted Lydia inside.

The Sea Witch had not at all left Lydia's love life to chance. She was at this very moment watching Lydia's every move through her crystal bubble ball. “What is it with these stupid girls and their super human abilities to get men to fall in love with them! This Herman has been a pain in my backside for far too long. I will have to take care of him myself, and thanks to Lydia's lovely voice he will have no choice but to fall in love with me tomorrow! The echoing of the Sea Witches laughter was heard buy fish and merfolk from miles away.


  1. I can't wait to find out if the Sea Witch hooks up with Plankton...she gets the guy, he gets the Krabby Patty formula.

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