Monday, August 26, 2013

Contest Announcement Tomorrow!

I know everyone is excited to see who won the Colouring Book Naming Contest, but a winner has not been chosen yet! I will be printing the list without names tonight and will announce sometime tomorrow. I'm hoping to have the colouring book cover done tomorrow and will post the finished painting here afterward along with the winner. Depending how the day goes tomorrow I may or may not post about another blog. I'm just as excited as everyone else to see which name is picked. Please double check this list to see if your suggestion is on it (if you entered). I think I have all the titles, but if not please message me ASAP. Twitter or Facebook is best for this. My Facebook: or my Twitter I will see either these right away on my phone, so use whatever works best for you. If you contacted me on any social media your entry does count, so just let me know what you used to enter.

List of Entries:

Creatures of the Nth Dimension

Lovable Monsters of the Nth Dimension

Geeshlings from the Planet Goover
Geeshlings-Ducklings-Babies of Dani Duck, and Planet Goover-Vancouver.

Shifty Shapetors 

Daffy Doodles

Quirkies or Quirklies

Monster Mania Colouring Book

M. Body Mints* 

M. Body Menz*

The Mega Doodle Monsters

The Mighty Shape Shifters

The Pattern Pals

A Melody of Monsters

Monster Maniacs

Shapely Monsters

*M. stands for Monster

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