Saturday, August 24, 2013

Contest Reminder

Man it's been a busy week for me, what about for you? I've lost all track of time and I'm down to the last two days for my Colouring Book Naming Contest. You can see all the info here: I've compiled a list of all the names I've gotten so far. If your suggestion is not on the list please let me know! I have not ruled anyone out. This list will be given to my husband without any relating names (I don't think he knows anyone who entered, but still) and he'll have full control over which person wins. I do not want to have any influence over this, because I don't want the chance of adding bias.

The following list is in order of when I received each entry (more or less). If he doesn't like any of the entries as is he may combine them or change them slightly to make them work (though I think there are some great names already). I'll announce the winner by tuesday at the latest. Enter now you have until Midnight Sunday (if it's Sunday anywhere in the world you're okay for entry as I wont finish compiling the list until Monday morning).

Possible Titles:

Creatures of the Nth Dimension

Lovable Monsters of the Nth Dimension

Geeshlings from the Planet Goover
Geeshlings-Ducklings-Babies of Dani Duck, and Planet Goover-Vancouver.

Shifty Shapetors 

Daffy Doodles

Quirkies or Quirklies

Monster Mania Colouring Book

M. Body Mints* 

M. Body Menz*

The Mega Doodle Monsters

The Mighty Shape Shifters

The Pattern Pals

A Melody of Monsters

Monster Maniacs

Shapely Monsters

*M. stands for Monster

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