Friday, June 24, 2016

I Want a Puppy

Last night was an anomaly in the Duck household. I read David a book (which is nothing new) and after my husband read David a book. So what's the problem? We both read him the same book. It wasn't really a problem because my 5 year old did not complain.

So what was this book that was so good that it could be read twice in a row? It was I Want a Puppy by Mo Williams. It would be just as good if we had read it three times thrice. And we did over the week that we had it. 
I love that this is not another book where a kid asks for a puppy. In this book it's a pigeon who asks for the puppy. The story is funny and the resolution is fun. 

I love the drawing in this book. They are simple, but very expressive. The colors are muted so that the beautiful thick lines stand out. I love the humor that Mo Williams conveys in just a few lines. David loved this book so much that he made us get a ton more books by Mo Williams.
This is just one of the many books that David brings home from the library every week. There are so many we both love. I hope to continue sharing some of our favorite books (both new and old) with you on my blog!