Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carousel Finished

I've been hard at work (and sometimes hardly working) finishing these two illustrations. I finished the carousel as seen below, but I'm still working on the girl. I decided to scratch the inked drawing and decided to do something without ink. I should be able to finish the girl tomorrow, but for now you can enjoy the carousel!

I will be attending the SCBWI conference in May. I recently got confirmation in the form of a cashed cheque. I can't wait!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Illustration Inkings

Here are a couple of illustrations I'm working on. They are just in ink format right now, but I will be colouring them as early as Monday. I have a few more I'm working on and hope to have them started soon.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Desperately Seeking Inspiration

     FI Desperately seeking inspiration. Must be child - friendly and love dogs. Action imagery important. Disparagers need not reply.

    Baby and husband are out of the house right now and I need to get going on some new illustrations. I do have some that I haven't finished, or there is always the option to start something new. I'm going to wash off the muck and hopefully hit gold in the imagination apartment today. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Blog Layout

     I've been working on the layout of my blog, and I've finally finished the layout to my liking! There may be a few changes in the future. Mostly to the background image, but overall there will be no more major changes. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SCBWI Conference Here I Come... Maybe

     I don't know why it suddenly hit me that I should attend a Writer's/Illustrator's conference, but it did and now I'd be a bit upset if I didn't get to go. I was pursuing the boards at Verlakay's website
( and the conferences caught my eye. I've personally never been to a conference and I've always wanted to go to one. Most conferences have been in a far away land, or had a magically expensive price. Then I saw the saving grace of reasonable conferences.

     This conference: SCBWI's Western Canada Children’s Writers & Illustrators Conference. The web page can be seen here: It's inexpensive and only lasts one Saturday. Most conferences are several days long, but one day is possible for me to do. I've sent in my fee, and am awaiting confirmation of receipt. Unfortunately I didn't find out until late registration that there even was a conference like this. I'm eager to go, so I hope I got my registration in on time.

     I have a lot to do in order to be ready for this conference. I have two illustrations that I'll likely finish Friday. I'm not sure I have enough good stuff to flesh out my portfolio, so I will attempt to do a few more things before May 5th. I'll also need to get a lot of printing done before everything is said and done. Should be a lot of fun and it will really get me moving on my goals. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Start

     Hello, I'm Dani Duck and this is my new blog. You are not crazy if you find that this blog is familiar to you - I've had other blogs. If you've not heard of me, that's okay too. I'm still very obscure. If I were not, then I wouldn't have any pretty words next to my name up top.

     I'm working now to become a published illustrator. I will be posting sketches along with the progression of my illustrations for my portfolio. I'll be posting paintings from the book I illustrated to thank those who welcomed my son David into the world. There will be a tip of the week for all you creative types. Hopefully I'll get the chance to go to some conferences and do some other networking this year and I'll be sure to share the experiences I have here (even if they are very, very bad).

     In the past I've had a daily blog: and a not so daily blog: This will not be a daily blog, but I do hope to post 2-3 times a week. There are  always hardships in life. I've composed a list of things that will not be happening this year to keep me from posting:

1. I will not be having a baby this year. I had one last year and he will have to tide me over for at least another year. 

2. My Scanner and Printer will not die. I have a warranty that pinky swore to me that these will not die on me! We all know that warranties with a pinky swear clause have to be true.

3. I will not get sick for two months in a row. I think I read somewhere that if you get sick for two months in a row once you can't ever get sick like that again. As far as I know all fictional articles like this are true.

4. I will not, not, not have my computer stolen. It's not allowed again and I will be very mad if it happens! It helps to have a really old computer that nobody wants.

     I really do hope you enjoy reading my posts. If you don't, then I hope you send hate mail so I can improve my blog.  If you are looking for something else to do while you're here please feel free to peruse my artwork by following the links under this page's title.