Monday, August 19, 2013

Contest Annoucement!

I apologize, I had a rough night with David last night and completely forgot about posting my contest announcement!


(Sorry edit!) All entries need to be to me by midnight this Sunday! August 25th!

I need a name for my new monster colouring book! Looking for a name for the monsters themselves (especially if I start doing picturebooks on the little guys in the future).

How to enter: I'm not really picky on your method of entry. You can comment below, email me, message me on Facebook, or whatever. Keep in mind that if I lose your entry in the shuffle (especially if you Tweet me on Twitter). The best way to enter will be to comment below! I would appreciate it if you would follow my page on Facebook follow my blog and follow me on Twitter as well if you aren't already. You wont be disqualified for not following, but it's just a nice thing to do (and as long as you aren't a bot I'll be following you back).

What you win: A signed copy of my new colouring book when it goes to printing! I'll also include one of my Tiny Colouring Books, because why not?

Who can enter: Everyone anywhere. As long as you live on Earth and have a mailing address I'll find a way to get the book to you (Sorry space people, sending to you is too expensive).

Edit: I'm hoping to have a copy printed by the end of the month. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery because mail seems to be really slow for me!

Here are the same pics I posted yesterday so you can get an idea of what pictures will be in the book:

Good Luck!


  1. Cute idea--my suggestions are...
    shifty shapetors or daffy doodles.
    Best of luck! Ann

  2. Quirkies? Quirklies? :D Very cute.

  3. Monster Mania Colouring Book. But I really like Ann's idea: Daffy Doodles.

  4. Just an FYI. I think I'm going to have my husband pick the name. He's great with this sort of thing and that way I don't show favoritism to any of my friends (sorry friends)!

    Keep sending me titles. Great ideas so far!

  5. M. Body Mints or M. Body Menz
    Hi Dani,
    We've never met. I'm on 12 x 12. I loved to color in coloring books as a child. The heavy outlines were my favorite. They seemed to make the picture the embodiment of the character it created. So I though of something to represent your dark outlines. Hence, M. Body Mints, for Monster Bodies. Not too sure about the mint thing though.

    PS Nice to meet cha.

  6. This early in the morning nothing occurs to me (pre-coffee...) so I will second Ann's suggestion above for Shifty Shapetors, and hope Ann gets to color them!

  7. Hmmm...Let's see here.--How about The Mega Doodle Monsters, The Mighty Shape Shifters, or The Pattern Pals?

  8. A melody of monsters. Then you can name them after different musical things. Or Monster Maniacs.

  9. Can't think of any names, but I wanted to tell you they have real personality! Good luck with this!