Thursday, January 10, 2013

Terry Lynn Johnson

I visited a website today that made me feel really cold at first, but in a good way! The website is: It's no wonder I felt cold looking at her website because it's all about dogsledding!

Breathtaking photos pull you into a winter wonderland that's full of fuzzy goodness. Though the theme and colours on this site are cold, Terry's home page is very warm and inviting. I could not refuse to delve deeper into this website, because I felt a kinship to Terry from her welcome message (it must be because she too loves dogs!)

Terry herself is very interesting. Reading about her life is very entertaining. The pictures are great and one can get a good sense of her personality just from this bit of information. From this part you can assume that Terry really knows a lot about what she writes about (which is, of course, dogsledding), but if you go down to the Fun section of her website you will learn a lot about dogsledding!

Terry's blog has a lot of beautiful and cute pictures within. I do hope that she starts posting again because her writing is as lovely as the pictures within! While I'm talking about beautiful and cute pictures, be sure to check out the gallery under the Fun section of her website. there are pictures of gorgeous dogs, and the puppies are so sweet they will make you cry!

Since Terry is a writer I shouldn't forget to tell you about her books before I go! She has two currently. The first is Dogsled Dreams and the second is Ice Dogs. The latter will be coming out in Fall of this year! Dogsled dreams is about a girl named Rebecca who wants to be a famous sled dog racer. I'll let you read the summary for yourself (watch out for "flying poo missles" ha ha ha). I hope you will enjoy checking out Terry's website and pick up her book Dogsled Dreams when you have the chance!


  1. Hi Dani, Petite Dynamite here. Thank you so much for your feedback on my blog and the follow! I wish you all success in your dream of being a children's illustrator. I've never met one before, so thumbs up for being unique.

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely review of my sites! I so appreciate you taking the time to write about my books. Glad you enjoyed the photos and sharing a little of my world!