Thursday, January 3, 2013

Angelina C. Hansen's Blog and Websites

As promised I will continue to bring you blogs of interesting people who write or illustrate in the Children's/YA book industry. Today I'm going to introduce you to Angelina C. Hansen. Angelina has two web sites that are great in their own right. The first is which contains her wonderful blog and other neat things, and the second is which is the website for her   new MG novel.

Angelina's blog is set up to encourage people to think. Usually her posts start out with a quote. Her most recent quote being:  "'Writing is turning one's worst moments into money.' - J. P. Donleavy" After the quote she will often reflect on her own life, and delve deeper into the meaning of the quote. Then she usually ends her blog post with a question or two that she wants her readers to answer. I'll have to say that I'm impressed that she can find so many quotes relating to what she wants to talk about. I've tried this a couple of times (for both books and online writing) and I'll have to say that I found it incredibly difficult to find a quote that related to what I wanted to talk about (or vice versa). Angelina's posts aren't long, but are very thought provoking. These posts are the perfect thing to read in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea.

Other than her blog, Angelina's website has a lot of neat features. Her bio is a fun read, her photo gallery has several lovely pictures, and it's interesting to read about her works in progress. The main page of her website has a quote of the week and some websites to check out. After you are done with her website don't forget to follow Angelina on Twitter: Angelina does a lot of updates on Twitter and has a lot of good information as well as fun updates.

Angelina's other website is just full of fun. There isn't much on the website itself yet, but her related twitter posts are another thing entirely. Angelina has created a cute little alien character that has it's own website and makes fun twitter posts.  Ace loves gummy worms and needs lots of love, so please tweet him!

I hope you have as much fun exploring Angelina's works as I did. I am now a follower of all there is to follow  for Angelina, because she's so much fun. Thank you, Angelina for introducing me to your lovely self!


  1. Wow. What a pat on the back. Thank you so much , Dani Duck! ^_^

  2. nice review! I'm heading to check it out!