Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All the Lovely Forgetfulness

Though the title of this post is about forgetfulness, the truth is I didn't forget. If I had forgotten completely I wouldn't be kicking myself right now for not posting. It was a needed vacation from posting because I had a lot of work to do and little time to do it.

I've been working over the past month to become a financial advisor. I know, I know, what I really want to become is an illustrator, so why take on any other job? The answer of course is money in more ways than one (flexibility is another that this job will offer me). Unfortunately not submitting illustrations makes it impossible to get paid for them. I'm getting close, but even then there is a small chance that I wont be able to make millions in the first couple of months.

Though having money is good, the information that I've been learning lately is invaluable. I'm usually the one dealing with the family finances, so learning about investing, RRSPs, insurance and the like is helpful even if I never end up working (I have a job lined up already, though). In order to for me to start working I have to first pass an exam, which involves an online course and studying (blah).  Today I took the big exam and I hope I passed, because I'm so done with studying. I went to University and even got a degree, but I think I studied less in both HS and University less than the time I put into studying for this exam.

It's basically been the studying that's kept me from drawing and even posting so much. I really hope that I've passed this exam, so I can go back to spending my time drawing! Cross your fingers for me, and if you know a genie, please send him my way!

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