Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evelyn B. Christensen

Today I'm excited to bring you a review of Evelyn B. Christensen's website. Evelyn is different than the other people I've blogged about. Evelyn's site is not only that of a person who writes non-fiction, but educational non-fiction to boot! You can see her website here: (but don't click on the link until you've read the review.. unless you just can't wait). Her webpage is packed full of puzzle games, books, resources for writers and "Writing for Children's Magazines" an e-zine that she publishes bi-monthly.

When you enter Evelyn's website you'll notice she's an Award-Winning Author & Puzzle creator. Is her work really award worthy you might ask? Well if it's anything like her website, than yes, yes it is. There is a list of all of Evelyn's books and links to buy them online. Evelyn's two top award-winning books are "Aba-Conundrums" and "Inchamals". 

"Aba-Conundrums" is a neat puzzle book where one can solve puzzles with an abucus (and yes the abucus is included). There is also a dry erase maker so that a child can solve the problems again and again. I loved my abucus as a child and I wish I had a fun game book to go with it!

"Inchimals" comes with 12 wooden blocks, each a different inch in size. Each block has the number of inches of the block and cute animals on each block. The book included has picture adding puzzles so even someone as young as 3 could play. 

Evelyn has not one, but several pages of puzzles for kids to do. There are word searches, logic grid puzzles, math colouring puzzles, and crossword puzzles just to name a few! If your kid has done everything on this site don't despair! Evelyn posts new puzzle pages every week and changes at least four of the activity downloads on her Teacher's/Parent's page every week. And don't forget to buy the books as well!

If the above wasn't enough Evelyn has resources for writers as well. "Writing for Children's Magazines" is an e-zine that Evelyn publishes bi-monthly. The articles submitted for this e-zine are informative and even funny. Evelyn does an excellent job finding great articles for her e-zine. Beyond her magazine there are a whole resource of articles she's written, a list of educational markets for children's writers, and many tips to help a writer on their way.

Please check out Evelyn's fabulous website. Be sure to purchase one of Evelyn's books for a child in your life. These kinds of books make great gifts (I loved getting them as a child) and children learn a lot from these. I know I will be buying some when my son is old enough to not eat his writing utensils. 


  1. I'm excited to see Evelyn's site here. She is a tremendous resource herself, and her site is a terrific aggregation of educational publishing links. Fantastic.

  2. Great review of a great site!

  3. Thanks so much, Dani, for featuring my website! You're providing a terrific resource here on your site and do such a great job of sharing oodles of interesting, helpful websites with the rest of us. Best wishes to you!