Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolution Time!

Goodness is it the New Year already? (she types at 10:23 pm on January 1st)  I'm exhausted, sick, and was about to go to bed before making a post. Yes I was about to go to bed before making a post on a blog that I wanted to be a daily blog. Good job, Dani, blow your New Year's resolution before you can even put it into effect.

So I have several things I want to put into my New Year's resolution, but the biggest is this blog.  Here are my lists of hopeful resolutions for this year:

1. Post On My Blog On a Daily Basis. Hopefully I'll be able to post a new pic weekly, but I wont make any promises. I will try to post a website review weekly of some other good authors/illustrators. I would also like to post about all my favourite children's books. I'm talking about all the lovely books I've read growing up. This will hopefully be a weekly event as well. I might as well try to finish (or should I say start since I did so little of it?) my "Wreck This Journal" pages. I'll keep you updated on any progress I am making on publishing (especially if there is artwork I can't publish here). And any fan art, commissions or fine art I work on in the little spare time that I do have. IF I DO MISS A DAY: I will try to make up for this plain and simple.

2. Send Out Work To Be Published I want to start submitting my artwork to magazines to start. I sent one piece that has yet to be published (or refused publishing) for the SCBWI journal. Other than that I fail at submissions for this year. This will include designing and printing promotional material. Really easy for me to do since my father-in-law owns a print shop.

3. Finish My In-Progress Picture Book I have a picture book that I need to finish up in order to submit. Main focus is on creating a dummy and getting the text edited. After this I may re-do some of the sample paintings for this.

4. Come Up With (AT LEAST) 8 Picture Book Ideas I'm always thinking of picture book ideas, but never writing them down. This may be only writing down the ideas, but ideally I will also be writing partial texts to be edited, and maybe even some neat pictures to go along with this.

I have other personal goals that I will be working on this year as well. These include the obligatory get healthy/loose weight resolutions, but also include things like working on earning more money, spending more quality time with family, getting organized and moving into a better place. I really hope that I can achieve all of these, but this year is about working towards publishing. Once that happens I think a lot of the other stuff will fall into place.

Here's to a great 2013!

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  1. Awesome resolutions the cool thing about them is that they are all sort of linked. When you post more you get more visits to your blog, if you get more visits then you can possibly monetize your blog. If you succeed in getting your picture book published, or if you choose to self publish you can advertise and sell it here on your blog instead of having normal advertisements. If you are successful with selling your picture book you can increase your household income and move to a better place.

    I like flowing resolutions like this, they are realistic hence achievable. Good luck this year.