Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christina Farley

Christina Farley is not only a published author, but she likes to help other people become published too. Her blog is filled with tips for writers. The thing that really makes Christina stand out is that these tips for writers are expounded upon in her collection of Youtube videos that she's created herself.

Christina's writing tips vary greatly. She talks about anything from "Plot Grids" to "Creating Unique Details in Your Setting". Not all of Christina's post link to a Youtube video on the same subject, but these two do. They are both very much worth checking out in written and video form. Christina is very well spoken and is very professional in both her look and the way she puts her videos together. Please go check out her videos if you are interested in writing! Christina also writes articles like, "Author Skype Visits" which specifically focus on the needs of a published writer.

There is much to Christina's blog beyond helping writers out with their craft. Christina keeps the reader up to date on many of her friend's books that are on their way to being published. She gets so excited for her friend's publishing achievements that you'd think they were her own. It's very sweet and the reviews of the books are very enticing.

Though it should never be what brings you to a blog, Christina's blog has really nice prizes. She also gives a heads up when she finds good contests. If this is not enough to get you to read her blog you should also know that she cares about the world around her. She made a lovely post in December about the shooting in Connecticut. She donated herself to this cause and that says a lot about her character.

I hope that you check out Christina's blog and Youtube. If you'd like to follow here on twitter follow her @christinafarley and on Pinterest: I know you'll enjoy Christina's videos.

See you all tomorrow for a new post on an undecided subject!

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