Friday, January 31, 2014

Interview With Ace Hansen

Ace Hansen is  is the author of "Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery". Ace is a little different than most people I'll be interviewing on my blog, because Ace is a little green alien. Yep, that's right, an alien. Don't freak out everyone! He's the best type of alien: He comes in peace... well to everything except the world's supply of gummy worms. I can go with a few less gummy worms if I get to read more of his wonderful stories. You can visit his website here:

"Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery" is  a story of a young boy who has been given the opportunity to win a million dollars. He just has to figure out where all the mysterious green gas comes from. It won't be an easy task... He has to deal with an evil bully, a scary lady (who must be a zombie) and the fifth grade. Will he solve this mystery before Jake the Snake beats him to a pulp? Get the book here and find out:
I just ordered my copy and I can't wait until it gets here!

Me: I heard your book Julius Caesar Brown just came out in paperback. How did you feel when your copies arrived in the mail? 

Ace: I bounced up and down from floor to ceiling for a good five minutes. Then I fanned the pages under my nose and inhaled for a few more minutes. Love the inky smell of books. 

Me: Tell me do you prefer paper back books or hardcovers? 

Ace: Paperbacks. They're easier to read in bed.

Me: Was Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery based on a true story?

Ace: I haven't farted green yet, but I do think about it every time I pass gas in public--always relieved that my gas is invisible! This story was inspired by a breath mint commercial.  

Me: What was it that got you into writing? 

Ace: Too much time on my hands. I lived for 8 years in a vacation house in the woods in the foothills of the North Cascades. It rains boatloads. My green skin shrinks if it gets wet, so I had to stay indoors. Total boredom!

Me: Can you tell me something about yourself that no one else knows? 

Ace: I tug on my lips while I'm writing (helps me think.)

Me:  I know you like gummy worms, but what other foods do you like?

Ace: Squid. Tamarind fruit. 

Me: How are you and Angelina C. Hansen related? 

Ace: She is my Earth Host. I live inside her. She lets me out sometimes and sometimes I escape. Like right now. She doesn't know what I'm doing. Shhh.  ^_^

Me: Do you have any new ideas for books? 

Ace: Lots and lots, but Angelina is busy working on her serious Young Adult books right now and won't share her laptop with me. 

Besides being an earth host to Ace, Angelina Hansen writes YA and MG novels and poetry. She has a delightful sense of humour and is wildly unique (in all the best ways possible). Go to her blog and her web page and read excerpts of her WIP. You wont be disappointed. If you want to know more about Angelina read my blog review here:
Visit Angelina's website here:

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