Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goals Part 3

So many goals and so little time, but I'm going to continue with my list of goals.

2. Get Published (traditionally)

This goal is probably the easiest and the toughest of all my goals. Easy because there are a million and one ways to get published, but tough because it's really hard to get published. Even harder when you don't send anything out to be published (no seriously I've tried not submitting all my life and I've still not been published).

This year my main goal is to start submitting! I'd better add this to my list...

a) Create, create, create!
b) Submit a bunch of things to be published. At least one thing a month. (Mostly short stories and illustrations to magazines.)
c) Join a bunch of short term events to help me get stories to be published (Start The Year Off Write, ReviMo, Chapter Book Challenge, 100 Days of Summer, SubSix, PiBoIdMo, ect.)
d) Join the 12x12 gold this year again, but actually submit to the agents!
e) Read more books
f) Finish the dummy and 3 spreads for at least one picture book this year!
g) Learn from all the great people I know already and will meet throughout the year!

I'm now going to skip over 3 & 4 and go right to goal #5 (3&4 will be posted tomorrow). I feel like these two go together somewhat.

5. Profit From My Skills

This is the hardest one for me so the goals may be more vague. I would like to say that I'll sell one book this year and make enough to cover all my expenses forever, but that is unlikely to happen. At least not this year, but while I'm waiting for that million dollar story to be finished I have to work on getting money to pay for daily living and to pay of my *shudder* school loans.

a) Continue working on my Etsy shop and hope that I can start selling things without annoying everyone in the process
b) Work on my portfolio so I can get some portrait painting commissions. - just need a few more here
c) Look on Craigslist and keep my ears open for any local jobs
d) Submit work to publishers
e) Get a part time job in my field
f) Set up at some Comic Cons and Book Shows after I start on my web comic.
g) Research more ways to market myself so I can reach more people that might be interested in my work

I think this list needs the most work. Hopefully the things I learn this year will help me to become better at using my skills at work. I am not at all against getting a job outside of my field, but I have to be careful what kind of position I take. I do have anxiety issues which makes it hard for me to work at certain jobs, and I have to make enough money for it to make sense to put my son in Daycare (if I can't get a position around my husband's schedule).

Two more down, and two to go! Tomorrow I'll be talking about my blog and social media. Hope to see you then!


  1. You know the saying, "a manuscript/art work is 100% unpublishable in the drawer?"- get it out there...