Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why I won't be doing a New Year's Resolution this year

Yes it's true... I'm refusing to do a New Year's Resolution this year. It's all very simple: Resolutions are toxic and I wont have anything to do with them anymore. Yes, I said it, they're toxic. 

Nothing Good Comes out of a New Year's Resolution

Okay, maybe it's a bit harsh to say that nothing comes out of a New Year's Resolution. Many people have changed their lives based off of these. Me and like 99+% of the population? We have not achieved greatness from our Resolutions. Actually, we go in hoping for the best, and then something happens and we give up. 

Resolutions are a Prescription for Failure

It's not that we want to fail with any New Year's Resolution, but the fact is that resolution's are cut and dry. Creating a resolution is making a promise to yourself and the new year. One that you can't possibly keep. We say to ourselves, "I'm going to do ____ this year," and if you don't do _____ then you fail! No one wants to fail, ever. The worst thing is if you make a little mistake your resolution is forever destroyed and this is when people give up. If you say you are giving up cigarettes and fail, then you have to wait a whole year to start over with a new resolution.

Failure is a Good Part of Life

The worst thing about New Year's Resolutions is that they completely ignore the fact that failure is often a good thing. If we as humans never failed at anything in life then we wouldn't be the incredibly complex and wonderful people we are. I also believe that the longer it takes for someone to have their first failure in something the worst they are for it. I've known artists that are great at art, but they don't get their first objections to their work until they get critiqued in College/University. They are devastated by this. If these people failed earlier in their lives this wouldn't be such a horrible devastation. In the end: It's not bad to fail; It's only bad not to learn from your mistakes.

Learning From My Mistakes

So yeah, I'm not doing a New Year's Resolution this year. I'm waiting until the 2nd at least before I make my official New Year's goal post. I will be making goals for the year, but if I fail it wont be a horrific thing. I will also be posting how I will work to achieve these goals, so I wont be setting myself up for failure.

How about yourself? What do you plan to do in 2014?


  1. Well, I have a post that says the same... We are resolved to be the non- resolutionists! ;)

  2. Very wise words, Dani! Thanks for sharing!