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King Midas Part 4 of 4

I'm not sure how I feel about this story now that it's done. I did a bit of a push to finish it, because I wanted to start a fresh story next week. I didn't expect it to go on quite so long! I'm glad to get it done, and now I can start thinking of a new story to write.

Stop, if you haven't read part one you can read it here: King Midas - Part 1

King Midas Part 4

A wonderful area of the gardens was set aside just for Eric honouring his life and service to the king. Guards were posted around the clock. Anyone who saw the gardens loved the memorial, and everyone agreed that the gold statue bore an uncanny resemblance to Eric himself.

Under Midas' rule the castle city soon became a wonderful place to live once again. The king did not want to stop turning items in the kingdom gold, so he found ways that his people could have all the gold they wanted. If someone in town wanted more gold all they had to do was request it from the king and it was given to them. Soon the entire kingdom was rich, and since everyone was rich, no one was rich. Gold became a very useless item to have and soon it was replaced with silver as currency.

Even though gold wasn't worth much anymore the king still loved turning things into gold. He would turn whole houses into to gold, the dirt roads were soon gold dust and even the trees looked better to him as gold.

One day while eating his dinner King Midas was visited by Reginald. “My Lord there is a problem.”

“Can't you see I'm in the middle of eating?” Said the king.

“Yes, My Lord, but this can't wait.”

The king sighed and put down his cutlery. “What is it now?'

“There isn't much food left in the kingdom.”

“Well have them go to the market to buy more. That's what commoners do isn't it?”

“Of course, my Lord. It's just that there isn't any food to sell. You have turned too many plants into gold. And the soil...”

“The soil has never looked better!”

“I don't disagree with you there, but gold soil can't grow crops. Maybe you could just not turn things into gold anymore.”

The king sighed, “I can't stop turning things into gold any more than you can not stop criticizing the way I run the land.” The king slipped off his gloves. “It's a simple solution. We'll just use our gold to buy food from the other kingdoms surrounding us.”

“My Lord, no.” At least, that is what Reginald would have said if he had not been so busy looking at himself in the mirror rather than paying attention to King Midas' movements. “Percy, Percy! Called the king.

“Yes my Lord?” Percy looked over at the golden statue of Reginald. The color drained from his face.

“You are my right hand man now. Please see that Reginald gets a nice spot in the garden.”

“Ye -yes my Lord.”

Percy brought more guards into the room to help him remove Reginald's body. Percy silently cursed his luck. He knew if he wasn't careful he would too become a golden statue. He didn't have to live in fear for long, because a few days later he too was turned to gold.

Percy was soon joined in the garden by many other great advisers. Glen, Richards, Evens and even Soren was there to keep Percy company. Oh how they all sparkled brightly in the kings garden. It wasn't just King Midas' advisers that ended up in this garden, but his cooks, tailors and anyone else the king felt like turning into gold. Much of the kingdom lived in fear of the King and many fled to kingdoms without enchanted kings.

One bright morning King Midas was just putting his finishing touch on Olga the maid. Behind him he heard a little voice.

“Dearest Father why do you have to turn everyone into gold?”

“Well you see my dear, sometimes people need to be taught a lesson. The maid was just telling me that it was my fault that the other kingdoms wont sell me food anymore.”

“Well, Father, it is your fault.”

The king pulled a gold rose from a vase “They are better off this way. They will live forever as gold statues. Even something as small as this rose is more lovely as gold.”

“Well I think it's ugly.”

The king turned to look at his daughter, but he didn't see her when he turned. Instead he felt something brush his hand. He looked to his side and to his horror he saw a perfect statue of his little girl. “No!” It was too horrible to bear. The king wrapped his arms around his daughter and wept.

After what seemed like hours King Midas found his way outside the castle. He looked around at his once great kingdom. Oh how beautifully the entire city sparkled. No longer were there people in the streets to enjoy his wonderful works of art. Most fled the town, and others hid quietly in the shadows. The king made his way to the city's centre. “What have I done?” He asked to no one and buried his face in his hands.

King Midas' gift performed it's magic one last time. With the King as a statue the magic that held everything in it's gold state fell away. Everyone and everything that was turned to gold went back to normal.

Many merchants that day cried in sorrow as their gold from Midas' kingdom turned into useless junk. The people of the city soon returned and celebrated their lives without the plague of gold. And King Midas? Well no one shed a tear for his death except his little girl. Even she has long since stopped crying, though every year during the art festival she clips the most beautiful red rose she can find and leaves it at his feet.

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