Friday, October 4, 2013

King Midas Part 3

My computer is up and running again so hopefully things will go back to normal. It's so weird typing the word "normal" because my life always feels anything but normal. In any case I will redouble my efforts to keep doing review posts and other posts like this. This week's Part 3 is short, but I hope you will still enjoy it!

Stop, if you haven't read part one you can read it here: King Midas - Part 1

King Midas - Part 3

Inside the castle Eric explained the situation. “There was chaos after you left. The beds that we put in the city square were taken apart by the villagers and turned them into coins. Others chipped away the gold from the houses you decorated. Now everyone is the city is rich.”

“Well that's wonderful! I've always wanted my kingdom to flourish.”

“Not exactly my Lord. Since everyone in the city is rich, no one in the city is rich. Prices are going out of control. A few eggs cost more than a year's salary for most. People are beginning to panic. I'm not sure how long before they revolt!”

The king wiped his brow and threw his gloves on the ground. “I left you in charge, you were supposed to make sure situations like this didn't happen while I was gone!”

“Well I...”

“Whose stupid idea was it to put the gold beds in the centre of the city?” King Midas threw his hands up in the air.

Eric whispered, “It was your stupid idea, my Lord.”

“What was that?”

Eric spoke louder. “It was your stupid idea, my Lord.”

“My stupid idea? My stupid idea?”

“You told me to 'Give them to the orphans, set them in the city square, melt them down and give them to the poor.' That's exactly what I did.”

“You Fool!” King Midas Pushed Eric and began to yell. “I didn't mean to literally take the beds to the city centre! Why would you think that I would actually want you to do that? You need to learn to think for yourself. I can't believe I left you in charge.” King Midas paused to catch his breath. “Well, have you nothing to say for yourself?”

Eric did in fact have nothing to say for himself. The King looked towards Eric and he was, in fact, nothing more than a golden statue lying on the floor. Feeling quite embarrassed and remorseful Midas quickly slipped on his gloves.

“Reginald, Reginald get in here!”

Reginald slipped quietly into the room. “There has been an accident and Eric is now quite unable to do his tasks. Congratulations, you have been promoted. Please see to it that Eric's family gets reasonably compensated and that his life is honoured and...” Midas moved his hand in circles. “All the other things we do for those who have passed.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. What shall I do with the body.”

“Don't leave it in the city centre whatever you do!”

Reginald frowned. “My Lord?”

“Just do something sensible, and don't let any greedy citizens turn him into currency.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

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