Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nichole Zoltack

It can be really hard to decide which new book to read especially when it comes to YA books. Sure there is a chance that your favorite blogger will tell you about a book they're reading or do a review on a good book every now and again. If you are an avid reader you want a little bit more. Today I'm going to introduce you to that "more" on Nicole Zoltack's blog! http://nicolezoltack.blogspot.ca/

Nichole Zoltack is both an Author and a Freelance Editor. I don't know how she even has time for blogging and yet she blogs a lot. What does she blog about? Lots of things, but mainly YA books. She seems to post about every other day, so you don't have to wait too long for a new post.

I am not sure how Nichole finds so many people to interview, books to write about and people writing for her blog. What I do know is she does a great job of giving you a great overview of a lot of the YA fiction out there today. Unsure about a book after the article? Often she'll post an excerpt from the book so you can get a great taste of the writing style of the book. Want to know where to buy the book you like? Nichole has links to that as well!

The great parts about Nichole's blog are not limited to YA books. She has great giveaways that seem to take place several times a month (all for different books). There are some nice blog posts about writing for all you writers out there and links to her favorite writer blogs in the sidebar. Interested in what Nichole writes herself? There are lots of links to her books, ebooks and short stories.

If you are at all lost to which book you want to read next you must go to Nichole's blog!  I am always looking for a good read, so I love this blog myself. Even if you just want to know how a good book blog is done check out her blog!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Dani. Nichole's blog looks great!

  2. I always love these blog recommendations. You notice so many interesting details.

  3. I'll pop by for sure. Thanks for sharing Nichole's blog!