Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Paper Wait

After a week of doing no blogging I'm back! I've been sick on and off over the weekend. Some of it was too much sun, and a bit of it was my non-sleeping toddler. I'm feeling better today so let's get this show on the road.

This week I'm doing something a little different. I was asked by Brianna Caplan Sayres (http://www.briannasbookstop.blogspot.ca/) to review a group blog this week! The blog is called The Paper Wait. It's chocked full of great SCBWI writers from Madison, New Jersey. The contributors for this are Elleen Cameron, J.L. Finnel, Robin Constantne, Brianna Caplan Sayres, Gale Sypher Jacob, Melina Meister, Sharon Wildey Calle, J.A. Palermo, Helen T., Ariel Zeitlin Cooke, and Julie Whelan. There are many books that have been published by this group, but instead of listing them here I'll allow you to take a look yourself: http://www.thepaperwait.blogspot.ca

The nice thing with this is that you get viewpoints from so many different writers! All these writers are in a critique group together, and they share their tips and experiences on this blog. There are so many resources and great articles on this website that I have to give you this warning: Warning! The shear amount of great writing information on this blog may make your head explode!

It's not just the amount of information that makes this blog special, but the organization that makes this blog so great. There are many blogs that use lables, but usually not so well or to this degree. Every post is labeled so if you want to look up a certain article you just need to click on the corresponding label. Want to find out about revision? There are 42 different articles to help you out!

The Paper Wait is a wonderful blog to explore! Even when you are done exploring this site there is plenty more to read. There is a list of the contributors blogs on this site, and that will keep any reader busy for days just catching up in posts. There are so many good writers/blogs so visit The Paper Wait, you wont be disappointed!


  1. Excellent resource! thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely review of The Paper Wait! We really have a lot of fun with this blog!

  3. I've enjoyed The Paper Wait as well, they're a fun bunch! =0)