Sunday, July 7, 2013

Games and Colouring: What I Like

I'm not sure if it's because I'm an artist, but there are things that I gravitate towards more than others. When I'm sitting down to colour (and yes I do colour things other than my illustrations on occasion) I prefer some things to others. I prefer to colour people rather than things. Animals are second in line unless they are anthropomorphic animals then they are right up there with humans. I don't know all of the psychology behind this, but I do know that I like to think up stories for the things that I colour. I don't actually always tell myself a story about an picture, but I know my story about what I'm colouring. It's not that things can't have stories, I just prefer stories about people and anthropomorphic animals (and that's why I draw and write stories about these things the most).

Now with video games it's a bit different. Don't get me wrong, I love stories. In fact in RPGs the time I usually stop playing is the period about 3/4 or more through the game. The time where there is little story and lots of leveling up. So what gets me past a game with little or no story? The ability of creation. It could be something small like changing the character's appearance later in the game, or redecorating a room. 

Even then, some story is better than none. I love the Sims, but given the chance I'd probably spend most of my time building my house, because for me that's what I can customise the most (No, I don't take the time for clothing design). I feel like I would enjoy the Sims even more if it had scenarios with a strong story line (like Sim City or Civilization but with more story). Any game with a strong story line and a creative element is gold in my book.

I like playing games like Tetris and I like colouring anything I can get my hands on. If given the choice I'd choose people, story and creation. What about you? Which kinds of things do you like to colour? Which games would you play if you had the chance? 

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