Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blog Hop!

I was invited to participate in a blog hop by Christine M. Irvin! I thought I didn't have much to lose. Now I know I really don't have anything to lose after posting a ton of bad music videos on Twitter today. I think everyone has unfollowed me by now. Oh well Que Sera Sera!

This gives me a chance to post my old froggy buddy, because I need a hopper to hop. This is Mr. Rumple Bottoms the 3rd.  Since he's visiting I have to make sure that I add in my text for him as well. He'd be very upset if I forgot. He's still upset now, but what can I do?

Mr. Rumple Bottoms III hated his name. 
In fact : there wasn't much that Mr. Rumple Bottoms did like.


I have three questions to ask myself. To save time I will also answer myself. Below the responses I'll give links to three more awesome bloggers. Sound fun? Let's go

1) What are you working on? 

Right now I'm working on everything under the sun. I think I mentioned in my What's Up Wednesday post that I'm working hard to get my art in gear for my yet to be Etsy shop.

As far as writing goes I'm writing a new picture book every month. No time for editing, but I am turning out a lot of manuscripts. I also want to get started on making my Create a Female Superhero challenge short story into a novel. I haven't started yet, but I am going to work on it soon.

2) How does your writing process work?

I always start by sitting on the computer and opening up a document. I start typing and my son comes up to me and wants on my lap. If he's asleep he'll time his wake up for when I start to type. When he's on my lap on the keyboard and whines. I give up fighting with him after a while and I stop writing, but I don't think that's what people really want to know. 

I've always been a "fly by the seat of my pants" type of writer. It works in picturebooks. I use to write comics (for fun) and never plotted anything. If I come up with ideas for plot points I'll write them down for sure, but all my plotting happens in my head while I'm doing other things. 

Sometimes I'll be in bed and a great idea hits me. Those are the worst times, because then I can't sleep. I'll just lie in bed thinking about what's going to happen in my story (happens for life events too!) 

I did try to plot out a novel once. I downloaded some software to help me do it, too. I wrote down a bunch of plot elements and the summary of the story, but I decided that I hated the whole thing before I even wrote a chapter. Somehow I had changed a lovely short story into something mundane. 

I wont say that I will never plot anything out ever, it's just not my process right now. I think if I wrote more novels I might have a more systematic process. I kind of like figuring things out in my head, so we'll see!

 3) Who are the authors you most admire?

I admire every Author, Illustrator and Writer who participates in the 12x12, Chapter Book Challenge and who posts on Verla Kay. On Twitter it's the #kidlitchat and #kidlitart. Also anyone else I didn't mention! These people work so hard to give information and help to those of us who aren't full fledged authors/illustrators. I don't know what I'd do without these people!

Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite authors. His stories are amazing. Such wonderful metaphors and depth in so few pages. I adore "The Missing Piece" and "The Giving Tree" The drawings are amazing as well. Simple line drawings but they are so expressive. He is so talented in so many ways! I hope someday to be as good as he is. He's even a song writer.  He wrote a couple of my favorites including "A Boy Named Sue" (Johny Cash) and this song: 

Okay I'm tagging three people. Please be sure to visit their blogs!

Ashley Willoughby Stich Says & Ghostnapped

Melissa Khalinsky Melissa Writes

Nichole Zotack Her name is the blog name!

Now it's your turn ladies!


  1. I like your froggy-friend, Dani Duck.(Almost wrote "Ducky...;})

  2. Love Mr. Rumple Bottoms III! :) I'm a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of writer too. It's what works for me right now.

  3. You are too funny, Dani! I can SO relate to the writing time vs. lap time struggle--my boys still scooch right up next to me whenever I sit down to write, and they are 10. I know it won't last forever, so I am enjoying it while I can! = ) Thanks for the great blog links!