Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dee White and DeeScribewriting

It's been a rough couple of weeks getting my toddler to bed at a decent hour. Also doing things like blogging during the day isn't working too well for me. I do try, but it's rough! So I'm down to the last 30 minutes of Tuesday (again) trying to pound out a review that is accurate and coherent. Please let me know if the latter is slipping, because I'm not ashamed to go back and fix my grammar mistakes. And yes the mistakes will be grammar related.

I found out about Dee White's blog through Kelly McDonald a wonderful Writer and Illustrator! Dee White's blog is focused on making a writer out of anyone who reads her blog. Not everyone can or wants to be a writer, but if you do, Dee will give you the tools you need to become a great writer. You can find her blog here: http://deescribewriting.wordpress.com

There is just so much great information in this blog that I almost don't know where to start! The tips that she gives are astoundingly detailed. I loved the article about the Journey to Publication which is kind of funny because that was exactly the article that lead me to writing this post, and also is the article that mentions Kelly! This article gives a detailed synopsis on how Dee worked on her road to publishing her book "Letters to Leonardo". If this wasn't enough good information she goes on to give 10 wonderful tips about getting published.

The tips on this blog aren't limited to Dee alone. Dee has several Authors on her blog that give great tips as well. This allows us as readers to get several perspectives on writing without actually having to read several blogs (not that you shouldn't read other blogs). These perspectives don't forget the role of illustrators in them! There is a lot of information for illustrators on this blog, which is just wonderful for someone like me who both writes and illustrates.

All of Dees tips are posted on Tuesdays, however there are times when she has more to say and she'll post other times during the week. Often these off day posts will talk about her writing classes. Yes, she does writing classes as well! I haven't taken many writing classes (outside of college) myself and can't tell you all the things to look for in a teacher. However, I can tell you this: Anyone who can post in detail about the craft of writing every week (and do it this well) is someone you should seriously consider making your teacher. She is also offering Writer's Retreats, which just makes me wish that I lived in Australia. If I ever visit I know what I'm doing!

If you are a Writer or Illustrator you need to check out Dee's blog now. You haven't looked yet? Why haven't you looked? Okay I'm obviously tired and need to go to bed now (after typing a story and doing many other things), but do check out Dee White's blog. You're going to love me for pointing this blog out to you!

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