Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Short Story

Once again this story is inspired by Shannon Abercrombie's 100 Days of Summer: http://www.shannonabercrombie.com

Any mistakes you find in this text are purely fictional. 

Gad puffed as he ran down the track. The other racers were nowhere to be seen. More than anything he wanted to win this race.

He imagined hundreds of people waiting at the finish line. They would all be cheering loudly. He would be neck and neck with Stance. At the last second he would get a second wind and pull away from Stance. He would be the first one across the finish line! Someone would slip a medal around his neck and hand him the trophy. Cathy would blow by Stance and put her arms around him. Confetti would be falling everywhere and he and Cathy would be drawn together by some irresistible pull and kiss. It was perfect.

Gad sped around the bend. He couldn't believe it, there was no one running in front of him. There was a large crowd waiting for him at the finish line. He picked up his pace. His head was high when he crossed the finish line. Everyone cheered loudly.

Gad stopped a minute to catch his breath. It was finally over. He looked up and there was Cathie. She came near him and mouthed the words. “Good job.” She reached her arms out, and embraced Stance. They leaned in for a long kiss.

Someone slipped a medal around Gad's neck. Everyone cheered again and then turned and walked away. Stance looked up and said. “Good job, Gad! Maybe next year you can finish the race before the rest of the runners go home.

Gad read the inscription on the metal quietly, “Last place again.”


  1. Oooh, that hurt! Maybe he should have quit the dreaming and concentrated on the race. Good job, Dani...get it ;0)