Sunday, June 30, 2013

Submission for the Female Superhero Challenge #CAFSC

Here is my entry for the Female Superhero Challenge. You can check it out here:

My Info: 
My name is Dani Duck. The word count is 1000 words.



I don't mind which charity the money goes to. All of them are great charities, so whichever charity is chosen is alright with me.

Name of female superhero:

 Krista hasn't decided this yet.

Name of human alter ego, if different:

Krista Spokes

Superhero Appearance (hair, eyes, body type, etc.):

She glows with multicoloured energy. Threads of glowing energy surround her body when she is in this form.

Human alter ego appearance (if she has an alter ego):

Krista is an average looking Caucasian girl. Her hair and eyes are both dark brown. The most noticeable thing about her is that she's very thin and has sharp features.  She prefers to hide her body in clothing that's way too big for her.  She lives in her jeans and couldn't imagine wearing a skirt. She likes sweaters and t-shirts, but isn't picky about clothing. Usually she gets her clothing second hand.


Krista doesn't have a costume yet. She has no sewing skills and wouldn't know how to put together an outfit. She generally fights crime in a t-shirt and shorts. 

Krista is quiet and a bit shy.  She spent most of her youth reading (comics and playing video games). She never spent a lot of time hanging out with other girls. Most of her friends are boys. She is very warm and tries hard to fit in. She has a great love for the world around her.  When getting her powers she swore she would protect everyone - even those who constantly pick on her.

Brief description of how the superheroine gets her powers (i.e. born with them, radioactive accident, mad scientist experiments on her, etc.):

Krista was walking to school one day and saw a flash of blinding light. Something struck her and she was found hours later unconscious. She was in a coma for a week. When she woke up she seemed normal, but over the following weeks her powers slowly developed.


Krista hasn't fully explored her powers yet. She has increased strength and speed. Her body is almost invulnerable. She can shoot energy bolts and has some control over different forms of energy. 

Anything else important:

Krista goes to high school. She's also not very self-confident in her looks.  

My Story:

“I wonder if she even showers.” the other girls with Illy laughed. They huddled by the door of the classroom. Krista sat a few feet away, her forehead placed firmly on her desk.

I had one just this morning! Krista thought indignantly. Krista's shoulder-length brown hair admittedly always looked terrible. Not that it would matter, Illy and her group of stuck-up snobs had already made up their minds up about Krista. Now it they lived to make her life miserable.

“Why is she always in baggy clothing?” One whispered.

Krista could eat anything and not put on weight. Everything was baggy on her. She could wear spandex and tights and it would still look enormous on her. There was another reason why she wore baggy clothes: Krista was wearing her gym clothing underneath lately just in case she had to Change.

Illy cooly walked over to Krista's desk. Krista looked up; her brown eyes glaring. Illy leaned over into Krista's face, “Why do you think you're such a loser?”

Krista stood up so fast that her chair fell backward. Illy gasped. Krista could feel her whole body prickling with energy. I should take them all down now. No one would blame me. She would Change soon if she didn't do anything about it and she didn't want to do anything about it. Krista just stood there glaring at Illy.

A loud crash came from another classroom. It was enough to brink Krista back to reality. Everyone in the classroom rushed out the door. Krista ran out into the hall where chaos had broken out. People were running towards the exit and screaming. Typical, she thought. Krista pushed through the crowd and slipped into the Janitor's closet. She removed her sweater and jeans and hid them behind the mop bucket.

The lights went out as they always did when the Change took hold. Every part of her body crackled and burned with energy. When it was over Krista felt a intense rush of immeasurable power. Her body glowed and multi-coloured threads of illuminated energy surrounded her body. After two months she still couldn't get over how beautiful the Change was and how it made her feel.

After the change Krista could hear nothing outside the closet. Slowly she entered the hallway. The lights flickered on and Krista could see a figure at the other end of the hall.

“I knew you went to school here!” The girl squealed in delight. Her hair was pulled back in a french braid. She was clad in black and red leather with fishnet tights. She wore a red mask. To top it off she was wearing thigh-high stiletto boots. Krista thought she looked ridiculous. “Want to join me in trashing the school?”

“If you know who I am, then you know my answer.”

“Suit yourself. I do hope you know that I have to destroy you and all now. Nothing personal.” The girl glowered and thrust her hands forward. Shadows, like black snakes, flowed from her arms at Krista.

Krista easily dodged most of the shadows, and destroyed the rest with her energy bolts. She paused to smile when she was struck from behind. A wave of sickness and pain overtook her. Krista wasn't use to anyone being able to actually hurt her!

“Does that hurt? Good.” The girl walked towards Krista throwing more shadows. The shadow snakes lashed out at Krista faster than she could destroy them. The pain was almost blinding. “I'm going to start by destroying you, and then everyone else at this stupid school.”

Krista used her energy beams to lift and throw nearby lockers at the girl, but the girl was too fast. Krista closed her eyes and threw a small bolt of energy at the girl's chest. The girl flew backward across the hallway and fell limp onto the floor.

Krista waited for the girl to move, but there was nothing. Time seemed to stand still as streams of energy poured from the girls body into the air. Krista moved to the girl's side. I... I killed her. She had never thought her powers would lead her to this. Krista put her hand up and felt the energy flow around her hand. The energy gathered almost lovingly around her hand. Tears streamed down Krista's face. She whispered to the energy, “If only I could put you back.” She delicately put her hand on the girl's chest.

The energy obediently moved from her hand back into the girls body. The girl sat up as though shocked, and then fell back to the ground. Krista could hear her breathing, though she didn't move. Krista stood up and wondered what to do next. She looked towards the door. She would have to get changed before going outside. She turned towards the girl, but she was gone. “I guess there isn't anything left to do but get dressed.”

Krista went back to the janitor's closet and let the Change melt away. She retrieved her clothes from behind the mop bucket. Great, all wet! I wonder if other superheroes have this problem?

Krista walked outside in her wet clothes. Someone said, “What did you do, fall in the toilet?” Krista just ignored them.

“Here's an idea for you, just stop eating.” Illy and her friends had Janice cornered by the lamp post.

“Seriously, how can you stand being so fat?” Krista could see Janice face burning red.

Krista ran to Janice's side. “Leave her alone! Why don't you go find another group of souless skanks to make fun of?”

Illy glared and bumped into Krista as she passed her. “Whatever, loser.” Her friends followed suit.

“I didn't need your help,” said Janice. I can take care of myself. Janice stomped off muttering to herself. Krista was about to call after her when something caught her eye. A hand-shaped dent was left where Janice hand had been. Krista wondered what other strange things her future held.


  1. I like the hint about Janice... and Illy could be in trouble soon!

  2. It was fun to read how difficult it was for Krista to change. I also like that she's kind and in high school. Great! Let us know, if you decide to turn it into a book.

  3. i still don't know your Superpower. i must be an idiot

  4. oh I do enjoy this one, well done. Come on chapter two. :)