Saturday, June 15, 2013

Laura Sassi Tales

After reviewing my blog I realized that I posted this on the wrong blog! This was supposed to be posted to my blog on Thursday: I am going to have to permanently change the review day to any day but Thursday!  Thursdays are so busy for me the way it is, so to be fair to the sites I review I'm going to change days. This week the review will hopefully be tomorrow. I think I may switch it permanently to Tuesdays!

Now to my blog review (after putting my toddler to bed after giving him his 5th drink of water...)!

Laura Sassi is well versed in the children's writing field. She has published in many children's magazines and I'm so happy that I get to review her blog! She is soon to have her first published book (coming out Fall 2014) titled "GOODNIGHT, ARK" It's rhyming book about bedtime on Noah's ArkYou can view her blog here:

Laura has a wonderful way of writing about her own life and using her experiences as a metaphor for writing.  Anything from bowling balls, to flowers and even onion grass is used to illustrate ways that a writer can improve their craft. Though it is geared towards writers, the writing in this blog is wonderful enough to be interesting to those not in the book industry. I have always wanted to write in a similar way on my blog, but I've just never written like that. Maybe it's just not for me?

Laura is not the only one who posts to her blog. Quite often there are writers who stop in for a guest posts. These posts are some of the best I've ever seen collected. The writing is top notch for these posts and you must stop in and take a look! These posts give great tips and an inside look into the picture book industry.

There are a great deal of things that Laura covers in her blog other than just stories about her life and guest posts. Laura has several posts featuring her poetry. I think my favorite has to be Ode to an Onion (see if you can find it on her blog)! She also has a great deal of crafts that she posts. These are oodles of fun, and I think my son and I might do this one for father's day:

I can not end this review of Laura's blog without mentioning her Books that pack a P.U.N.C.H. P is for pacing, U is unique twist, N is for nice and tight, C is character focused and H is for humorous (my favorite part). I will let you read the full explanations for each here: She covers different picture book types including Parellel structure, culumitive stories, ABC books. If that wasn't enough she's started a list of books full of P.U.N.C.H. which can be found under the "Story Structure Index" tab on her blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Laura's blog. I am always amazed on how different all these picture book related blogs are. I am inspired by each and every new person and fascinated on how there is so much diversity for such a focused subject! I can't wait to see who I review next.

So that's it... I'm out of Blueboarders (from Verla Kay's website that have asked me to review them. If no one steps up soon I'll have to stop my reviews! No, not really. I will just randomly chose a blog to review. It may even be YOURS, so be wary this week. See you Tuesday with a new review!


  1. Thanks so much, Dani!

  2. Laura's blog-posts are filled with poetic journeys and gem-pebbles for a reader to pick along the way.