Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chieu Anh Urban

Normally I don't review blogs that are new but I'm making an exception for Chieu Anh Urban (there is an ^ above the e in her name that I just can't seem to show here. So just imagine it's there as you read). Though she is new to blogging Chieu Anh is not new to the world of publishing. She has two books: "Raindrops: A Shower of Colours" and her new book "Away We Go: A Shape and Seek Book." You can find her blog here: http://chieuurban.blogspot.ca/ and her website here: http://www.chieuurban.com

You can't help but know that Chieu Anh is an illustrator when visiting her website and blog. The colours are just amazing. She is also a graphic designer, photographer and a writer to boot! The animation on her main webpage is really cute, so roll your mouse over everything and enjoy these before you start clicking!

Chieu Anh is no stranger to to fun. Her books are full of fun as is her website. To celebrate her new book release Chieu Anh has put up several coloring and activity pages up on her website. Just click on "Fun Stuff" on her home page and you'll be able to download the fun for yourself. If you are planning a party there are display cards, shape signs, banners, cupcake flags and name tags!  If you just want to have some fun there are colouring pages, cut and paste, colour the shapes, counting and matching activities. There are also some fun activities below these printables (as if those activities weren't enough)! Cheiu Anh's blog isn't short of activities to do. She has lots of crafts kids can make play with and sometimes even eat!

A lot of Chieu Anh's blog posts are focused around the release of her book. As such there are lots of pictures of the launch party. I don't think I've seen another blog that has as many nice photos depicting... well any event. It's not all about the book release. There is also lots of pictures of the lovely mermaid party she had for her daughter. Not everything was made by Chieu Anh in either party, but she did choose things for her party from people who gave a high attention to detail. Chieu Anh has a high attention to detail in her photography as well!

 Please check out Chieu Anh's blog and webpage right away! The posts that Chieu Anh has so far are signs of great things to come for her blog. Her two books are wonderful and I'm sure she'll have more great books yet to come. Tune back next week and I'll give you a look at Brianna's blog. Don't go away for a week, though, because tomorrow I will be posting my "What's Up Wednesday" post!

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