Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marcia Strykowski

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write this blog post! I was terribly ill yesterday and spent most of the day in bed (I'm wondering now if that's why I had so much trouble focusing Thursday). I'm hoping this next week will be better!

Don't go to Marcia Strykowski's website, because you'll just get some yummy recipes, get to read some nice  articles and have other kinds of fun. Yes, I said fun, so you should be careful not to go there unless you want to have fun. Be sure to avoid this: if you prefer boring blogs.

Marcia has recently released her book, "Call Me Amy" (congrats Marcia). Now you can watch as Marcia enters the world of being a published author. There are a lot of fun pictures about the book. I think the pictures of the kids reading her books are my favorites.

Marcia's blog isn't dedicated fully to her new book. It is actually a small part of what she does. The most delicious part of her blog is the recipe/craft portions. These posts contain several cookie recipes, a clam chowder recipe, food critters and even a paper doll. The food critters are made from food, and are completely edible, or can be used as decoration. The paper doll is nicely drawn, and I do hope that Marcia makes more like this in later posts!

Besides being a Writer, Cook and Artist Marcia is also a Librarian. One of the fun things she did as a librarian is set up a Valentine's display with brightly wrapped books. People could check out the books, but they wouldn't know what they were until they brought them home. Sounds like so much fun, and I almost wish my own library would do this year round. Marcia often gives insight into her life as a Librarian!

There are some absolutely stunning photos on Marcia's blog. It's true that she does live in the lovely area of New England, but she must have some talent (by some I mean a lot) to take such nice photos of the scenery. I guess I should add Photographer to the long list of Marcia's talents. Along with many of these photos are great facts and information about the world around us.

Despite what I said before you should visit Marcia's blog. Even if you like boring blogs, because going to Marcia's blog will change your tastes. Once you go to her blog you will be no longer interested in going to boring blogs! I loved visiting Marcia's blog and you should get yourself over there soon!

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