Friday, September 27, 2013

King Midas - Part 2

I wanted to write more this week. Unfortunately my son is sick and very needy so instead of struggling to finish I'm just going to post what I have so far. 

Stop, if you haven't read part one you can read it here: King Midas - Part 1

King Midas - Part 2 

True to his word King Midas set out to beautify his land. He started with turning the fountain gold in the city's centre. He found that he could turn something partially or fully into gold at will. He went about town selectively adding gold to the moldings, shutters, doorknobs and other areas as he saw fit. Soon the town was sparkling with gold.

After the town was finished King Midas turned to his own castle. The first thing he changed was his throne. Any bit of wood used to create his throne instantly turned to gold. He took great joy in all the wonderful changes he made to his home. The frames of every painting in the castle were soon pure gold as was every suit of armour, every rug, any bit of linens and anything else that suited the King.

Having spent the entire afternoon and evening decorating the town and the castle with gold, the good king thought he would turn in. He slipped on his gloves but he could make it to his room he was met by his daughter.

“Fair Daughter,” he said. “What is it that I can help you with on this eve?”

“Dearest Father,” she began. “The gold everywhere is so pretty, but it is not good for sleeping on.”

King Midas followed his daughter to her room and found she was correct. The entire bed (as was all beds in the castle) was as hard as a rock.

“I'm afraid your father has been quite foolish, dear one. I did not see until now how my turning things into gold could be bad. Please forgive me.”

“Of course father,” his daughter replied.

That night in the castle King Midas slept quite soundly despite his painful sleeping arrangements. He awoke with a smile on his face. His wife on the other hand was not so happy.

“My Sweet Foolish Husband. I am in much pain from my night's sleep. I can not go on sleeping like this!”

“I shall have the servants replace these items at once,” replied King Midas. “Eric,” he called.

At the door a tall man appeared. “Yes my lord?”

“See that all the gold beds in the castle are disposed of, and replace them with new beds.”

“Yes my lord.” Eric hesitated. “What... what would you like me to do with these beds?”

“What do I care? Give them to the orphans, set them in the city square, melt them down and give them to the poor. Just get rid of them!”

“Yes my Lord.” And Eric set out to do just as he was told.

“It is wonderful being royalty, is it not my dear?”

The queen rubbed her neck. “Perhaps, though you may want to ask me after I've gotten a decent nights rest.”
Having decorated the town and his castle, the king sent for a carriage to take him about the rest of his kingdom. It would be hard work, but the King was determined to make his kingdom the most beautiful kingdom in all the lands.

It took King Midas three months. When he returned to the castle city he was met by Eric at the gate. “My Lord, there has been great trouble since you left. Come to the castle and I'll explain more.”

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