Monday, September 23, 2013

Life and a Handbasket

I've decided to shelve doing my Fractured Fairy Tales (that was supposed to be done last Friday) until this coming Friday. I wasn't able to get much done over the weekend. I don't know if I just burnt out, was sick or if the Sandman is just playing tricks on me, but I was exhausted over the weekend. If that wasn't bad enough there was a bit of a malware problem on my computer, so it took the better half of the day today to fix that.

Now for the good part (and there is a good part)! I got a bunch of paintings done for my Etsy store. I'm a little hesitant about pricing. I researched it before and was all ready to set a certain amount, but then I might be in too high of a price point for most buyers seeing as it would put me to the middle or top of pricing for Etsy. At the same time I'm not as worried about selling as getting my work out there.

I don't have these earmarked for selling prints right now (though is a possibility in the future). So right now I'm considering prices for the 5"x7" originals. I've also got some original pen and ink drawings from the colouring book to sell (I'm having the colouring books printed now, so I'll be putting them up for sale soon. Any insight from experienced sellers?


  1. A. I always factor in the amount of time it cost to create a piece of art, along with what similar art is going for, and the prince range of the intended buyer. I.E. someone buying a watercolor from a gallery will pay more than someone buying a collage for their child's room at a craft fair.

    B. The coloring book sounds like so much fun! I want to make a coloring book! :)

  2. No advice, just good wishes... Or maybe just one: don't give your work away too inexpensively. But when you price, compare to others just getting their toes wet in that market.