Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's Up Wednesday!

Not really sure why I put off writing this post tonight. I've had this all set up for hours now. I had to put David to sleep, but other than that it's just been sitting here waiting to be done! I shall start now, then.

What I'm Reading

I read a single chapter out of Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. One of the few books that I've watched the movie before reading the book. I enjoyed the movie, and I'm looking forward to this being a great book.

What I'm Writing/Drawing 

Gave up on the acrylic painting for now. I have all these canvases that I'm not using, but they will have to stay unused for now. Getting so much more done in watercolour right now. Have 7 - 5x7 paintings in the work and all about 50% done or more. I'm hoping to finish them all by Saturday and get my Etsy shop going strong. It shouldn't be long now before I get my colouring book ready to go for my store. I've got 25 being printed sometime this week and hopefully they wont be in my possession for long!

Actually got a blog review post done this week. If you haven't seen it yet check it out here: Meg Miller has lots of awesome paintings to look at, and she's also hosting ReviMo next year. ReviMo is a week long event in January to help writers edit their stories. It's going to be a lot of fun, so read the post and then go to Meg's blog to sign up! I will be posting more about Meg and ReviMo in the following months so stay tuned!

Every Day Possible
- Work on my Etsy shop
- Online Interaction

Today 9/18
- Write my What's Up Wednesday post today - done

Thursday 9/19
Maybe get my kid watched, maybe watch another kid. Make emails/phone calls about Swap Meet Tables.

Friday 9/20
-See above.

Saturday 9/21
-SCBWI ILLUSTRATOR'S MEETING BABY! I'm buying me a coffee and going to get my draw on. Just can't wait!

Sunday 9/22
- Mr. Clean will have nothing on me.

Monday 9/23
- Go to Strong Start and have the boy play bunches.

Tuesday 9/24

- Post at least 1 painting/drawing to this blog by this date.
- Do a blog review

Wednesday 9/25

- Write my What's Up Wednesday post 

What Inspires Me Right Now

The idea that I might actually get my Etsy store up and running soon. ^_^ 

What Else I've Been Up To

Baby Minding 
Was up half the night with David again. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever sleep again!

Working Out/Being Healthy 
Did a bit of exercise. Lack of sleep is making this more difficult.

So happy my husband's extra shifts end next week. It's so not worth the extra money (though I will miss that). Hopefully my new shop ends up making up for all the money that he wont be making soon!

*What's up Wednesday is part of Jamie Morrow's summer writing intensive: "Ready. Set. WRITE!" There are other host blogs including: Erin L. FunkAlison MillerKaty Upperman, and Elodie Nowodazkij.

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