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Fractured Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Part 3 of 3

You may have noticed that I'm making some changes to the blog. Nothing major yet, but I will be updating my link list soon. I hope you are enjoying my rendition of "The Little Mermaid". Turn in next week and watch me destroy a completely different fairytale!

Stop! If you missed either part 1 or part 2 of the story please read them first:

The Little Mermaid: Part 3 (the Final Part)

The next day it only took Lydia half as long to figure out what dress to wear. Unfortunately Lydia hadn't tried on the shoes the night before. Giles was correct none of the shoes fit her. They were either way too big, or far too small.

“Are you ready yet, Miss?” Lydia answered by flinging open her bedroom door and parading around the room. “Yes, yes, very nice. The limo is waiting downstairs”.

Lydia had never been in a limo before and she found that she quite liked it. Inside the Limo was a wondrous place. There were a lot of buttons to push, tiny cakes and sweets and a lovely sweet drink with bubbles that tickled her nose.

When they arrived at the market Lydia gasped. She had never seen such beauty. Rows upon rows of houses like Herman's, but with dresses, shoes and all kinds of sparkling things. Lydia immediately dashed into one of the stores and Giles ran after her.

The inside of the market was beautifully decorated. Lydia immediately started grabbing dresses to try on. She soon found out that she had help choosing dresses to wear and people who looked at her adoringly as she tried on each gown. When she was finished Giles pulled out what he called a “credit card” and used it to pay for the dresses. Giles then reluctantly gave it to Lydia. “Herman said to give this to you after I showed you how to use it. He says you should buy whatever your heart desires.” Lydia eagerly took the card and held it close to her heart.

Herman could think nothing more than about his bride to be throughout the whole meeting. Any question he was asked was met with an “I do.” The shareholders finally gave up and agreed to reschedule the meeting. They knew from the past that nothing would get done during a day when the owner was thinking about a bride to be. With the rest of the day free Herman race towards his car. He was met by an absolutely stunning woman in an evening gown.

Lydia was immensely enjoying the use of her new “credit card”. She had bought everything that had caught her eye at the last three stores and now was enjoying a relaxing spa treatment. She had never been this happy. “I'm so happy I could kiss you,” she thought to her card. “Too bad you aren't a man!”

The Sea Witch was quite proud of the form she took on. Her hair was the colour of the sun and it flowed down the curves of her body. Her eyes were a deep sapphire and her lips looked naturally as red as the form fitting gown she was wearing. Herman was speechless as she lent in to kiss him. Just before she brushed his lips he pulled back. “I'm sorry fair maiden, but my heart belongs to another!”

She would have to use more than just her body to lure Herman in. She opened her mouth and began to sing a siren song. “This will seal his fate!” she thought.

Before the song could take hold of Herman, he had clamped his hands over his ears. “Be gone evil beast, before I decide to slay thee!” He got into his vehicle and sped off.

“That stupid girl tricked me! This voice is a curse.” The Witch looked towards the sky. “No matter, there isn't much time left for her little kiss.” She cackled and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

When the Sea Witch reappeared she saw Herman and Lydia embracing. She raised her arms and called a wind to throw them apart.

“What trickery is this?” asked Herman.

“It is my trickery!” said the Sea Witch in her own voice. “Your little bride to be has seconds left before she will turn into a sea plant and be mine forever! There isn't time for you two to kiss the kiss of true love.”

“No!” shouted Herman. He ran towards his love.

“You're too late! She will change any moment now. No amount of kissing will change that!”

Herman embraced Lydia and tears flowed from his eyes. “Oh cruel fate once again taking my true love from me!”

The Sea Witch tapped her foot impatiently. “You're not changing, why are you not changing?”

A wry smile spread across Lydia's face.

The Sea Witch turned to Herman. “She's smiling, why is she smiling? She's going to be part of my new foyer. What does she have to smile about?”

Lydia reached into her new designer purse and pulled out her credit card. She held the card out for the Witch to see. On the front of the card was a lip stain in the shade of berry red.

“No, it can't be!” Screamed the Sea Witch. “That's not fair. You cheated!” She was furious. She looked around her in anger. “There sure are a lot of people here,” she said thoughtfully. “I should kill you both where you stand, but I don't want to waste another minute on either of you. There are too many potential clients here. Congratulations, she's all yours!” The Sea Witch immediately turned to a young woman. “Excuse me miss, how would you like to swim as a fish?”

“That's it, we've won!” Herman gave Lydia a big kiss on the lips. “We will be married tonight. Giles, get the carriage. We have a wedding gown to shop for!”

Giles frowned, “I'm sorry sir, I'm confused. Why would you want to marry this woman when her true love is a credit card?”

“Do not fear my friend! I have enough love for the both of us.” Herman held Lydia tightly and she smiled.


The Sea Witch - realized that business was better on the surface than under the sea. She turned a good many humans into plants for her underwater castle until she realized that charging money for her services made much more sense. She used the money that she earned from her ventures to buy Iceland. She now goes by the name of Sandy.

Lydia - Lydia's love of the credit card gave her great happiness until Herman's money ran out. She soon dumped Herman and is now on her fifth husband. She sometimes sends letters to her family under the sea. Unfortunately she writes these letters on paper and they dissolve before anyone has a chance to read them.

Herman - now poor and alone has found true happiness as a bar tender in Detroit. He married the first mute woman he saw after the divorce. She never has a bad word to say about him.

Giles - now works as an adviser on a popular network TV dating show.   

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