Friday, September 13, 2013

King Midas

In the last few minutes of Friday I decide to post my Fractured Fairy Tale for the week. This particular tale is very different from the last story. After much deliberation I've decided to do the story of King Midas.The beginning of this is not as light hearted as the Little Mermaid. I believe that there are enough changes in this story from what is commonly told of King Midas' story that fully warrants a reading investigation. This week is mostly a set up for the following week or two, but I hope that I can entertain you with a few surprises!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a brand spanking new colouring page taken from my new colouring book "Pattern Pals"!

King Midas - part 1

Once there was a very proud king that went by the name of Midas. King Midas loved surrounding himself with beauty. His wife was the most beautiful woman in all the land. King Midas' daughter was the prettiest child in all King Midas' land by far and was a joy to everyone who met her.

Since King Midas was in love with all things beautiful he took great strides to celebrate all things beautiful. He had great festivals in the honour of artists, architects, musicians and even nature itself. It was at one of these festivals that gave King Midas the chance to have anything his heart desired. A great enchantress, who was a great lover of the arts, visited one of these festivals one day. She was so impressed by the Kings love of art that she asked for an audience with him.

“Dear King Midas I am pleased that you give so much of your time and love to the arts. I will offer you a gift of your own choosing. If you had one wish what would it be?”

As was already stated King Midas was a lover of all things beautiful, but the thing he loved most of all was gold. Without hesitating King Midas, “I want the ability to turn things my hands touch into gold.”

The enchantress puzzled by his request. “Are you sure you want the ability to turn what you touch into gold? I must warn you that one's greatest desire in abundance can soon become one's bane. Maybe you you would like to choose something that would be more beneficial to your kingdom?”

King Midas was taken aback by the insinuation that his chosen gift would not be beneficial to his kingdom. “My dear lady, I assure you that I always think of my kingdom's needs above my own. I choose this gift to beautify my land. It's use will enrich our culture and will show the world how a love of all things beautiful can make a kingdom the greatest kingdom in history.”

The enchantress closed her eyes and when she opened them said, “It is done.” She quietly turned to leave.

“Wait!” cried the king. “Could I have one last request from you?”

The enchantress stopped and faced the king, “Very well, what is it?”

“While everything being gold might be lovely, might there be a way to prevent me from turning everything I touch into gold?”

The enchantress smirked at this. “Usually these things are asked for before the wish is granted.”

“I only ask because it is my kingdom that I am thinking of... I don't want it to become a wasteland of gold people and things.”

“Because it is for your kingdom I will grant you this as well.” With that the enchantress raised her arm and sparkling white gloves appeared on the hands of the king. “While wearing these gloves you will not be able to turn anything into gold.” The enchantress bowed to the king and slowly walked towards the castle gate.

“Thank you my dear lady. You have done a great service to my kingdom.”

Without turning around the enchantress stopped said, “See that it is your kingdom you serve and not yourself dear king." 

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  1. Great beginning, Dani! I can't wait to read more. I love your twist on the story, with the emphasis on the arts and the king's second request!