Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meg Miller

Meg Miller has a wonderful blog. She writes about herself as a writer, artist and also a mother of two. She has lively paintings which she posts often onto her blog. The neatest thing about Meg Miller's blog is that she will soon be hosting ReviMo! You can visit her blog here: http://megmillerwrites.blogspot.ca

I'm not sure how Meg gets anything done with two children in the house. I have one and sometimes it seems impossible (of course mines worse than 3 kids. Ha, ha, ha!) Her beautiful little boy was born in June. Even then Meg is already getting back to posting! It took me six months to blog again after David was born, and even then I did very few posts. Already Meg is going ahead and posting book reviews, updating resources and organizing ReviMo. This is just what she's doing on her blog! She's also a participant in the 12 x 12 and that is a lot of work in and of itself.

ReviMo or Revise More Picture Books Week is an event taking place in January 12 through the 18, 2014. 
This is a great event for me because I've been writing a lot of stories for the 12x12 but I've had no time to even think about revising them. So far 121 people have signed up, and there are a lot of great prizes including a picture book critique from Simone Kaplan and A Making Picture Book Magic Class with Susanna Leonard Hill! There are lots of other prizes that she has already, plus there are more to come! You can see the entire list (Seven huge prizes so far!), read more about ReviMo and sign up here: http://megmillerwrites.blogspot.ca/p/revimo_16.html I'm really excited to see what happens!

I love Meg's artwork. She's really busy right now, so she doesn't get time to do much. She will be working on a cartoon for me because I won a contest on her blog recently! I'm so excited and can't wait until she gets it done. Meg also does really nice posts about the writing life. I love the post she did about her own life for the blog hop! She also keeps people up to date about SCBWI events, resources, writing helps and writing challenges much like her own!

Definitely check out Meg's blog now. She has some great posts to come in the near future. Also you don't miss out on anything about ReviMo, because it will be an awesome event!  

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