Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday! January 28

Another wierd week for me. It's pretty much the norm now. Last week I looked at a house for rent with my In-Laws and yesterday we signed the lease, so we're moving! It's only a couple blocks away from where I live now, but there is lots of extra space. I'm also getting my own art studio, so there is so much to do! This was the good news that I couldn't mention yet. We have the whole month to move and will be in before March 1st.

It's kind of funny because I started throwing out things at the beginning of the year. I threw out some old awards and things we weren't using. Went through some of my old stories and recycled a ton of essays from high school and college. I'm sure my opinion on In School Suspension could change the world as it stands today, but I don't think I'm passionate enough now to incite that kind of change. ^_^

Interview Schedule:
January 30th - Sheila Kelly Welch 
February 6th - Rachel Elizabeth Cole
February 13th - Tatum Flynn

Read a whole bunch of fiction stories today so I could give feedback to the authors. Lots of good stories. Hopefully my comments will make them stronger. 

Last week was pretty bad. Barely had time to do a quick drawing for the 52 week Illustration group on Facebook. I think there are too many ideas in my head, and I just couldn't get most of it on paper. I'm hoping tomorrow is better. 

Every Day Possible
Dummy and coloring book work.

Wed 01/28 
What's Up Wednesday! Post... DONE like dinner. 

Thursday 01/29-  Dummy work. Hopefully finishing up a dummy today!

Friday 01/30- Interview with Sheila Kelly Welch,

Saturday 01/31- Finishing up things I didn't get done earlier in the week.

Sunday  02/01 - Inspecting the new place and getting the keys!

Monday  02/02 - Cleaning, packing, the whole shebang!

Tuesday  02/03 - Hanging out with some good friends and their kids.

Wednesday  02/04 - What's Up Wednesday! 

Idea of moving... that's working for me right now.


Toddler Minding 
Had a blast at David's party. His cake wasn't super pretty, but it was very yummy!

Still getting some exercise. Need to step it up now!

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