Monday, January 5, 2015

Monster Chores Free Coloring Book!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you this wonderful collaborative coloring book. Monster Chores is a free downloadable coloring book that Jennyann Carthen organized and is hosting on her website. We have had several illustrators participate in this collaboration. Illustrators Jennyann Carthen (of course), Tori Deaux, Telaina Muir, Bobbie Dacus, Teresa Schaefer, Cecilia Clark, Kim MacPherson, Mary Flynn, Annina Wildermuth, Jennifer Vanderbeek, Leila Nabih, Lezette Markham and yours truly, Dani Duck, worked together to create this book.

In these pages you will see these coloring pages and learn all about what it is to do chores if you are a monster. My page will teach you to dust like a monster. You will also see my awesome InDesign work in play. You can get the book here:

Jennyann will be interviewing everyone for this coloring book. Once a month you will be learning about each person who contributed to the book. My interview won't be until October. I got to choose the month, and what better month than my birth month? None, that's what!

Did I mention this book is free? Why haven't you downloaded it yet? You'll thank me later.

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