Thursday, January 8, 2015

Awesome Blog Goals 2015!

This year I'm going to do all those lovely things that I wanted to do in 2014, but just didn't get around to doing them. I also have some new ideas for this year, so I'm hoping that this year will be awesome both personally and for my blog. I think my goal last year was for 2-3 blog posts a week and I think my average was 2. This year my goal is 4 posts a week.

Blog Goals for 2015:

* Continue What's Up Wednesday! posts. It keeps me on a good schedule.
* Continue weekly interviews. If you want to be interviewed let me know!
* Since I'm an illustrator: Post an illustration once a week. Should be an obvious addition.
* Find bonus things to post every week like book giveaways, guest posts and contest/challenge announcements.

Special Events for 2015:

"Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop: Starting February 9th I will start off the "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop (name subject to change) on my blog. I have about 7-8 other bloggers who will be posting throughout that week and the next week. We will all be posting old Picture Books that we did as kids in High School or before. It will be hilarious and cute!

Picture Book Dummy Month: This will likely be in August. I know that other people do similar challenges, but I think this is one that's well needed. I still have a lot of planning left to do for this. I believe the goal will be just to get the drawings for a Picture Book Dummy finished (finals I'm not sure about yet). I know quite a few people, so I'll see how many guest posts I can get for the month! I would also be thrilled if I could get some prizes to give out for this. So excited about hosting this event!

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  1. good luck with your goals Dani. I am thinking of doing something similar. The six month picture book dummy challenge was too overwhelming for me last year so I might see what you have going in August.