Monday, November 4, 2013

Titles and Titles

So this past week on the first day of PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) Tammi Sauer suggested that we start with the title of our picture books to get ideas. You can see the article here:

That's a great idea! Well the problem is that my mind starts in the worst possible places for this. As such I have composed a list of picture book titles that probably shouldn't be used by anyone ever (Now I'm thinking, "Challenge Accepted"). Many of these come from stuff my kid says or does. If you don't know why these books shouldn't be picture books then you're probably my kind of person! So here it is, coil in horror and hide your children.

Picture Book Titles That Probably Shouldn't Be Made Into Picture Books:

1. Big Baldy Balls or Big Bally Balls - Yes, my son says this quite often.

2. The Growth in the Fridge - The pictures for this would be too graphic for a Picture Book.

3. Look What I Found in the Loo - This book might be more popular in Europe.

4. Batman Made Me Fall Down - Obvious copyright issues.

5. Let's Scream and Chase the Cat - Animal cruelty issues.

6. Daddy's Sleeping: Time to Hop on Pop - Parent cruelty and possible copyright issues.

7. Up, Down, Pot-ty-ty - Dangerous at any age.

8. Sleep is for the Weak - A parent's worst nightmare.

9. A Fly Hurts - This title makes no sense. Like I said a hundred times: the fly isn't going to hurt you.

10. Mommy, Mommy, Mommy... Too true and annoying.


  1. Ha ha! Love it!! Thanks for the smile!

  2. Funny post. But I think The Growth in the Fridge would make a great book. Real photos and text like "This one here is ten days old. Do you know what's hiding under that mold? (turn page) If you said tuna casserole then that's a lucky guess (turn page) but can you figure out the origin of this next mess? Okay...maybe not. Just trying to have a little fun. But who knows? Maybe there is some nerdy science kid out there that would love it. LOL.

    I hope you are having as much fun with PiBoIdMo this month as I am.