Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tara Lazar - Writing Books for Kids (While Raising Them) & PiBoIdMo

I think it's only fair since I reviewed Meg Miller's blog and ReviMo (which is coming up in January.) I should also do Tara Lazar's blog and PiBoIdMo as well! Unfortunately I'm doing this a bit late because the registration for PiBoIdMo is over this year, however you can still go to Tara's blog, take the challenge without the prizes and learn a lot from this event.

Before I start talking about PiBoIdMo I want to first tell you about Tara's blog when she's not talking Picture Book Idea Month. One thing I like about Tara's blog is the way she has of inspiring writers. Every writer gets to the point where they hit a wall. Tara's blog has lots of little cures for this. She tells her readers about the hurdles she has face (and is still facing) and what she did to accomplish her goals. Even if her advice doesn't help solve your problem, it still is nice to know you aren't alone in the Picture Book world.

Besides being inspiring Tara also has wonderful interviews (with more inspiring people!) The people that Tara interviews are great influential (or soon to be influential people in the picture book world. There are also lots of great contests to enter on Tara's blog. One could say that winning all these contest would make it so you never have to buy another book again, but honestly who are we kidding. This just saves us money so we can spend it on more books!

My favorite thing about Tara's blog is probably the concept behind it. Writing for Kids (While Raising Them). This is the boat that I'm in now. If you don't have kids I have to tell you that it's incredibly hard to create picture books when you have young ones of your own (especially as a stay at home parent). I love that Tara's blog is there proving that parents can create great picture books. Honestly, I think in some weird way not having time (or sanity) gives us parents a little more focus when we do make time to write.

Now more about PiBoIdMo or Picture Book Idea Month! This is a wonderful idea for me. Last year I joined the 12 x 12. I joined with the idea that I was going to submit a bunch of picture book manuscripts to agents so I got gold level membership which I do not regret. What I do regret is the fact that I stopped coming up with new stories to write. I have been so busy and my idea pool has run dry. I just couldn't think of any way to reasonably generate new ideas. I've still been incredibly busy but I've found the time to generate a lot of ideas for picture books.

Tara is a great supporter of her fellow picture book creators. Even long after PiBoIdMo Tara shares the success stories of all the people who succeed as a direct result of participating in PiBoIdMo! The big example of this is the fact that she works so hard on PiBoIdMo. What she does with this has inspired so many people to be successful and I hope that she continues PiBoIdMo for many years to come!

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