Friday, February 1, 2013

On New Year's Resolutions

Tons of people make New Year's Resolutions, but how many people actually keep them? I heard somewhere that if a person writes out what they plan to do they are a lot more likely to follow through. I don't know if that's really true, because I write down things all the time that I don't do. For instance I have never, ever made my husband sleep in the doghouse, though I believe I've threatened a few times (we actually don't have a dog). What is it then that make some people follow through with their goals and some not? I don't really know.

I am one of the many people who made a Resolution this year (you can read it here).  My number one goal was to make a blog post every day. It depends on your view on the matter to whether or not I've failed already. I know I have not posted everyday, but I am going on with my goal to make a post every day. I think some people make these resolutions, make a mistake, and decide to give up because of this. If you ask me I'd say I've been successful in my goals. I have made mistakes, and will probably make mistakes in the future, but I hope those will only strengthen me in my resolution.

I did start a sketch blog years ago while I was pregnant with my son. For the longest time I kept up with it (maybe missed a day or two), but I ended up quitting in the mid to late 100s. Though I did not finish my resolution (too much for me with a baby on the way) I think that this too was a success, because I learned a lot about myself along the way.

I'm interested in finding out who else out there is successful (or not so successful) with their resolutions. What is it that you learned about yourself when working on this goal? Do you think you'll be able to achieve your goals this year? Are their other parts of your goals that could be considered a success even though you didn't achieve your goals? Let me know.

I would like to say that New Year's Resolutions can be really rough. You'll do yourself some good if you don't get to upset with yourself when you quite meet your own standards. Even if you fall down pick yourself back up. If it seems too hard, then maybe you need to review your goals and take on something more reasonable. I do not know what it is that makes people achieve their goals, but I do know that one's journey is often more important than one's goals.


  1. I agree with you entirely that it's the journey that's most important, rather than the goal(s) reached.

    I never make any resolutions, because it usually a case of, make a new years resolution in January, break it in February. In order to achieve anything, I need to really want to make a change in my life. Only then, does anything get done. :)

  2. You make some good points such as if you do not meet your own standards it does not mean you should quit. Its better to progress slowly than not to progress at all. I am not as optimistic as you though regarding people and new years resolutions, I feel that people should not bother to tell me their goals if they are just telling me so that I can be impressed or some other useless reason. I feel people should set resolutions that they truly want to accomplish and work mighty hard just to make sure they reach their target or get close enough.

    I agree with those who say writing stuff down makes it more real, also telling a lot of people who hold in high regard about your goals and keeping a record of what you are doing and ticking things off as you achieve them can help. At the end of the day its all up to the individual.

  3. Thank you both for your comments! I think I've already decided to make a change in my life before I do a resolution, so it's more of a term than anything. I'm glad that people are posting what they feel about what I'm writing, especially if it doesn't agree with what I say. It's good to see all sides of a situation for me, and sometimes debate about a situation. That way everyone learns something!