Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mirka Breen

I am delighted to bring you Mirka Breen's blog today. Mikra has written such books as "There's a Turkey at the Door" and "The Voice of Thunder". You can visit Mirka's blog here: And her website here:

I'll have to say that Mirka's "About Me" page on her website is one of the best I've read. I'm not sure if it was the writing style, or the fact that she keeps a copy of "The Little Prince" by her bedside... okay maybe it is the fact she keeps "The Little Prince" by her bedside as she says, "the way some keep the Bible". By the way... I love "The Little Prince". If you have not read this book go read it now! Well maybe after you have finished reading my review and Mirka's blog. Where was I? Oh yes, it isn't just her choice in books. Mirka's "About Me" page is very well written. While being well written is nice, it doesn't beat the fact of how open and honest she is on this page.

I will admit that I got lost for some time in Mirka's blog. This is far from the first time this has happened. Actually, this happens every time I go to review a blog! Of course she brings her strong writing skills into her blog, but also that openness and honesty follows as well. I read every article from this year and would have read more but I got sidetracked with a screaming kid and the need to finish this article before dinner. Mirka's articles are very engrossing. So big warning: You will get sucked in to her blog!

Mirka writes a lot about her writing life and other things related to this. Her first article is about shyness and the published author. She talks about how shy she was at the beginning and how she overcame much of this. Mirka's articles are rich, engaging and very entertaining. I can't stress enough how insightful Mirka's writing is in her posts. I'm sure you will be like me and keep reading, and reading, and reading and...

I think that I'm very lucky. I have so many great Writers and Illustrators who have me review their blogs and websites. The quality of these websites and blogs are very high. Each week I can't wait to review the next one. Thank you so much Mirka and everyone else who has allowed me to review their blog.


  1. Thank me? I think a *THANK YOU* Dani Duck is much more in order! Undertaking these reviews is very generous.
    What lovely feedback to my posts. Makes me want to go and write another one ASAP.

  2. Agree agree agree! Mirka's blog is one of my absolute favorites. Whenever she posts I rush right over and read every word. Very nice review!

    1. A new "mutual admiration society"? - I want to join.
      How happy can we get!! Enjoy life - especially on your birthday!

  3. Dani Duck, thank you for this glowing review of Mirka's blog. I agree with all you said.

  4. Dani, I appreciate the excellent job you've been doing with your website/blog reviews. What a wonderful service. And I agree about Mirka's writing.

  5. I honestly have a lot of fun doing these. It always gives me something to write about on Thursdays and I look forward to writing every one. It's hard for me to start these, but once I get started I just can't stop!