Saturday, February 9, 2013

So You Want Your Blog Reviewed

Today was crazy. My son is sick, so he kept me up most of the night and then didn't nap much. Around 3 I got a second crazy toddler and the two of them reeked havoc together. The next thing I know I'm working out and after watched a tv show. My husband looked at his phone and it was almost midnight. Crazy how time flies!


Today I want to talk to you about my blog reviews.  Now while it's not required, I prefer doing reviews on blogs of people who are interested in having their blog reviewed. That way they know it's coming and then can look forward to when it comes out. All blogs reviewed on my site will have a permanent link on my "Best Link List Ever" page*. Want your blog reviewed? There are just a few rules:

* You must be a writer or illustrator for children's books (board books - YA). You do not have to be published to be considered. I will not leave out a good agent or editor at their request!

* Your site must be reasonably organized, formatted. Grammar and spelling should be fair.

* You must have posted on your website twice within 30 days before I review your blog.**

* I may choose to change the rules at any time. I'm a woman and that's what we do!

*  I also reserve the right to NOT review your site if it is inappropriate, incomplete, or otherwise questionable. This goes on a case by case basis. I determine what's appropriate, so it doesn't hurt to ask me even if you think your blog is somewhat inappropriate. I might surprise you!

The best way to contact me about this is by email: daniduckart(@) Don't forget to remove the parenthesis when you email me. You don't have to give me much info when you contact me. Just your name and the site you want reviewed. You can also include any social media that you participate in (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, ect.) I am not rating your site, nor am I doing bad reviews. If a website is not worth going to, or I don't feel it fits into my blog, then I just wont review it. I do the reviews on Thursdays, but you may not see the review until Friday.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BLOG:  I can review websites on their own, but they aren't my favourite. I'd prefer that you had something special on your website that you updated regularly for me to review. I will look at a website more critically. I consider Facebook pages (the kinds you like, not personal pages) to be like blogs, so Facebook is okay too. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

* Blogs that haven't been updated in a year may be removed until they are active again.

** If you have posted twice within the last 30 days when you ask me to to review your blog, but when I go to post you haven't posted enough I'll put you on my dormant list and you will be first in line once your blog is up and running. This is for your own benefit. I don't want to send people to a site that's not updated.

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