Saturday, February 2, 2013

Look What I Won!

Before Christmas I entered this contest: Hosted by Calypso and the lovely Katie Rodgers. I had some time just before the contest ended and for a few hours I was obsessed with adding photos to my Pinterest board for this contest. Here is my entry: A short while later it was announced on twitter that I was one of the winners. I couldn't believe it but confirmed it on Katie's Pinterest account here:  

Today I was so happy to receive a package in the mail which contained my winnings wrapped in beautiful tissue paper. Inside were two watercolour illustrations from the wonderful Katie Rodgers herself, a Calypso St. Barth Mouse pad and a $200 gift card to Calypso St. Barth (Check out their website here:                                              

I just can't wait to get shopping. There is really nothing better than be able to shop without using money! I have no idea what I'm going to buy yet, but I'll let you know!

I absolutely love the illustrations I received in the mail (my phone photo doesn't do them justice). I immediately stored them in my artwork cabinet so little hands didn't grab them.  I plan to get them properly framed and hung when I have time, but for now they  are safe and sound in my cabinet.  I believe I found Katie's Paperfashion Facebook page when I was looking up paper dolls on Facebook. Katie Rodgers is a wonderful Fashion Illustrator, so please follow her on Facebook if you like what you see here! Her Facebook

Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie Rodgers and Calypso!

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