Monday, February 4, 2013

Oops! by David Shannon

I will admit that I didn't like these books when David first got them. I didn't like the drawings, but I've grown to love them. I honestly think it's the fact that my son's name is David, the main character's name is David in these books, and my son looks nothing like that baby! Ha ha ha. 

David Shannon has a nice series for his Diaper David books, but I chose this one for a very special reason. It's not that my son just loves this book, he can actually "read" it at 2 years old. He knows the book so well that he can sit there and tell people what it says. True, most of the words are based on pictures, however my little 2 year old is so proud of himself that he can "read" this book.  
There are tons of picture books out on the market, but I highly suggest these because they are whimsically drawn, are short for small attention spans, have recognizable words and relatable situations for babies. This is one of the favourites of my family and I hope it will soon become a favourite of yours as well.

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