Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dianna Dorisi Winget

Before I start this blog review I just have to say that I love Dianna Dorisi Winget's name! It's so whimsical and magical. What a wonderful name to have as a writer! First look of her website you might think she's an illustrator, but you will have been deceived, because Dianna is indeed a writer. Here is her site:

The reason why I say that you might think that Dianna is a illustrator is because her website is so pretty! The colours are lovely and warm like springtime. They layout itself is quite lovely too! The design of the website is just a small part of what is wonderful about Dianna's website.

Dianna has a whole page about herself. Not just the normal blurb about the author, but actual fun facts! I personally love having details about the creators of books on their sites. She tells you what preferences she has. Does she like chocolate or vanilla? Cats or Dogs? Cupcakes or Cookies? Don't look at me! I'm not going to tell you. You have to go to her website to find the answers.

Dianna has written the book "A Smidgen of Sky". This book is about a girl who has a father who disappeared while flying his plane. Now her mom is about to remarry. Dianna has a great excerpt from her book to read. The characters are vivid, the wording flows nicely and the main character is just fun. I wont spoil the story, you'll have to read the excerpt for yourself!

If that excerpt is not enough for you, then check out her list of free stories and articles! She has five on her website to read. Read them all? Keep checking back because she's going to keep updating this every month.
Dianna doesn't stick to her own work, she also has a list of books she's read recently (although if you want to hear more, she has praise for her book on the site).

Before you leave Dianna's site be sure to check out her links. She has several wonderful links to interviews people have done with her,  her favourite authors, and resources for writers! I never miss out the chance to find out more about the children's book industry.

If you are looking for a neat author to check out please check out Dianna's site. BE FOREWARNED HER STORIES ARE ENGROSSING! You might be on this site for a while just reading her works. Don't read this at school or work... you will lose track of time. ;)

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  1. Diana is lovely. I just got her book, and look forward to reading it. It's on my heaping to-be-read pile now.