Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jean Reidy

I have a new blog to post about today! It's Jean Reidy's blog... or should I say blogs? If you have kids you should read this review! There are a few of Jean's sites that you should visit. The first is her webpage:  Her main blog: (you'll want to visit this one before Monday is over if you are a writer).  And her boredom relieving blog:  All three are well worth visiting and I'll tell you why!

Jean Reidy's website is a great place to get to know Jean. Yes it has the normal information about the books and articles she's written and an about me page, but this is not what I'm talking about. Jean has a rather lengthy FAQ section on her website. In this FAQ you can learn a lot about both who Jean is, and how to go about being a published writer. She also has great resources for Teachers and Parents (but check them out if you are a writer/illustrator) they are very well thought out and have lots of fun ideas.

"A Totally Random Romp" is Jean's blog. On her blog she writes about anything from book reviews to clearing out your clutter. She has many writers talking about their books. She's had great people on her blog too like: Anna Staniszewski author of My Epic Fairy Tale Fail (which I'd like to read soon) and Jennifer A Nielson author of the False Prince (read the False Prince and loved it... can't wait for the new book). These authors tell secrets about writing and publishing, so you don't want to miss these!  There are lots of things on this blog to inspire and enjoy so view it soon (after you finish reading)! One thing WRITERS WONT WANT TO MISS is Jean's latest post. She is offering a free critique for one lucky writer on Monday 2/11/2013!  Don't miss out on your chance for this.

The last site of Jean's is a great resource for parents, caretakers and maybe even teachers. This "Too Princessy! Boredom Buster Blog" is a really neat idea. There are many different games and crafts on this site to keep children busy for a really long time. The content is submitted by people who read this blog, so readers get the benefit of a range of projects. Right now there seems to be about a hundred different projects on the site. There will soon be a lot more because there is a contest (random drawing will be: March 1 2013). Enter now for your chance to win!

It is a long, long post today, but there were a lot of sites to cover! What's that? I would have written a long post anyway? Yep, probably true, but that's one of the reasons you love me. Umm right? Ha ha ha!

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  1. I love Jean! Besides being an amazing author and person, she's also wonderful about promoting fellow writers.